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Cycle along: sightseeing in Florence on two wheels

Many hotels in Florence offer the possibility to rent a bike, and this mean of transport is getting more popular concerning guided tours as well.

When spring comes up and the days start getting warmer and sunnier, Tuscany becomes more than ever a postcard picture-like place, thanks to its ideal position right in the middle of the Italian peninsula. During this time of the year, the temperatures allow to enjoy at their most outdoor activities and the beauties that a city such as Florence hide.

Why a cycling tour?

One of the most positive aspects of Florence lies in its being mainly built on flat ground: in fact, the hilly areas are located only in the surroundings of the city, making it rather easy to move around by bike, no matter what your physical skills are. As we said, the mild weather allows to plan easily outdoor activities and fully enjoy the architectural beauties and landmarks of Florence, especially surrounded by a caprìtivant light.

Secondly, cycling will allow you to go from your hotel in Florence to any of the main destinations in a shorter time. This means that it will be possible to reach more destinations too, or that you will be able to linger in the places you like the most.

Lots of hotels and agencies provide a bike renting service and often organize specific tours themselves.

It’s fun, healthy and cheap…what more can we say?

Where to go

Now that we have disclosed the many advantages of having a bike by your side for your tour in Florence, time has come to talk about itineraries. Even though many touristic agencies might offer guided tours by bike, you can go for a customized tour by downloading a map on your smartphone or printing it. Then, you will just need to pick the places you want to visit in

For instance, if you are staying in a hotel in the centre of Florence such as Hotel Brunelleschi, where a bike renting service is offered to its guests, a good idea might be to head towards the River, crossing Ponte Vecchio and head towards Boboli Gardens (on your way you will find Fontana del Porcellino, Piazza della Signoria ans Santo Stefano al Ponte among the other beauties in the surroundings), then cross the park and go to Porta Romana, then go back north and reach Villa Strozzi or other parks in Florence. On the way back, you can have a nice ride alongside the Arno river, then have a tour in the historical centre and visit the most important museums and churches.


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