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Tel Aviv: Not your ordinary kind of a museum - Art and Culture in Jaffa - Kiss From The World - ilana goor portretti - Travel and People Magazine

Not your ordinary kind of a museum

In the Old City of Jaffa is a fascinating museum, called the Ilana Goor Museum.   The museum building ,  with its 4 floors, is also the residence of the Ilana Goor, the artist and the founder of the museum, and if you are lucky, you will meet her there in person, and if not, you will find a big recent portrait of her in the museum entrance floor.  I visited the museum 3 times during the past year,but did not see her in person,  which my friend, visiting on an another day, did.

The building is very impressive: it stands on a hill of Old Jaffa , and was in a bad shape, when Ilana Goor started the restoration of the building , which was built in 1742. Goor had a large collection of both collected artwork and her own work of art, and in this old house she found a perfect place for her collections of art.

This is such a interesting  place , and you can easily spend hours in the building, so should you visit the museum, do plan at least a half day for this museum.

The museum’s collections include , besides Goor’s own artwork, sculptures, video art, ethnic art from Africa and South America , antics and design items.

From the 3rd floor you can see the Mediterranean sea, and the surroundings of the museum. The forth floor is a rooftop floor, with impressive sculptures.

The Ilana Goor museum is open from Sundays to Fridays, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.

Ilana Goor Museum
4 Mazal Dagim St.Old Jaffa

    ilana goor museum outside ilana goor 1 ilana goor 3 ilana goor 4 ilana goor 5 ilana goor 13 ilana goor uusi ilana goor vaihtuva exhibition ilana goor view 2 ilana goor view 4


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Jael, a Finnish food and travel blogger who lives next to Tel Aviv. I have previously lived also in Venezuela and USA. I love to write about the fantastic food scene of Tel Aviv but also about other things in this enegetic city.

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