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Visiting Tahiti – Your Own Piece of Heaven - Beach Holidays in Tahiti - Kiss From The World

Visiting Tahiti – Your Own Piece of Heaven

If you’ve ever wondered what heaven on Earth would look like, you simply must visit Tahiti, the most breathtaking island of the Pacific Ocean. Along with Moorea, Bora Bora and more than a hundred of other beautiful islands, Tahiti constitutes the out-of-this-world archipelago of French Polynesia. This tropical paradise is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, attracting tourists from around the globe looking for their own piece of heaven.

The Vibrancy of Papeete

With Tahiti being the most developed island of French Polynesia, it’s no wonder that Papeete, its vibrant capital, features an atmosphere of liveliness, laid back tropical lifestyle and authenticity. What was once a medium-sized town now is a world-class metropolis that will delight you with its colourful and unique lifestyle. Every way you turn, plenty of smiling faces will meet your gaze and make you feel as if Papeete were your home. You can mingle with the locals and soak in the Tahitian spirit and then have a taste of the local cuisine at a mobile food van called roulette.
Since Tahiti is known for its black pearls, you cannot miss the opportunity to admire the beautiful pearl collections at the Musée de la Perle and even get one for yourself to remind you of your mesmerising time in the Tahitian capital.

The Richness of the Tahitian Culture

Featuring both traditional and foreign influences, Tahitian culture represents an enticing mixture of their Maohi heritage, exotic tropical vibe, and French flair. The rich culture of this magical island will teach you about interesting legends and magnificent adventures of their gods and warriors and surprise you with their kings’ interest in surfing.
If possible, you should visit Tahiti in the period from late June to late July in order to attend Heiva I Tahiti, the 130-year-long celebration of ancient traditions and be consumed by the unique atmosphere.
Tattoos have always been an important part of Tahitian culture – in fact, the very term originated in French Polynesia. Here, tattoos represent a sign of beauty that people used to get when reaching adolescence, so there’s no better place to get one!

The Charm of  Neighbouring Islands

In the vicinity of Tahiti lie two beautiful islands of French Polynesia – Moorea and Tetiaroa. Both of these islands are unique in their own ways and it would be a shame not to visit them while you’re on Tahiti. The charming island of Moorea is located 12 miles west of Tahiti and you can reach it by ferry. Moorea features a diverse and beautiful landscape of sandy white beaches, inspiring mountain peaks and lovely bays. Since this island is where the overwater bungalows were invented in the 1960s, you simply must stay in one – there’s nothing more beautiful than admiring the endless blue horizons and turquoise lagoons from the comfort of your own bed. While Moorea’s mountains are perfect for hiking and exploring, its crystal-clear waters offer some of the best snorkeling spots.

For a more private and luxurious experience, you should visit Tetiaroa, an atoll located 30 miles from Tahiti. What makes this island so exclusive and Haute is the fact that it was owned by Marlon Brando. However, Tetiaroa has a long history of glamour and luxury, because it was also one of the favourite retreats of Tahitian royalty. After the death of one of the world’s most beloved actors, the Brando, a luxurious resort with 35 villas, was opened. One of the most amazing features of this world-famous resort is its reputation of being extremely eco-friendly. In fact, the Brando actually aims at becoming absolutely energy independent, by switching to solar panels, coconut oil-powered generators, and seawater air-conditioning. So, if you’re looking for a truly luxurious and glamorous experience, Tetiaroa will make you feel like royalty.

With its turquoise lagoons, lush vegetation and sandy beaches, Tahiti is a true tropical paradise. While there, you’ll have an opportunity to soak in its unique vibe, learn more about its diverse culture and be charmed by its beautiful neighbouring islands.


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