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Yogurt lover’s favorite place

Do you love yogurt? Well,I do ,and if you happen to be in Tel Aviv and like yogurt like me,this is the place to visit. This small and pretty place was found a few years ago by two sisters hailing from France,in the Yogurt Kitchen you can have both sweet and savory yogurt dishes.The yogurt portions come in a pretty glass bowl,which you can take with you.

In the Yogurt Kitchen they ask you if you want your yogurt dish with regular yogurt or with goat milk yogurt,I personally prefer the goat milk yogurt.

The Yogurt Kitchen is conveniently located in the center of Tel Aviv,just in the corner of Herzl street and Rothchild boulevard. The place is very casual and quite small,with a few tables outside .And there is a wall with tempting pictures of the dishes,with descriptions.

How about some goat milk yogurt with smoked salmon,black caviar,capers and other good things? Or a bowl of yogurt with forest berries,crumble and mint leaves? Besides yogurt portions,they also serve bagels with yogurt,as well as salads with yogurt.

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Jael, a Finnish food and travel blogger who lives next to Tel Aviv. I have previously lived also in Venezuela and USA. I love to write about the fantastic food scene of Tel Aviv but also about other things in this enegetic city.

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