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Pleasing our tongues at the city of chapels: Puebla

Only 100 km away from Mexico’s capital, on the other side of the national famous Popocatepetl volcano, lies in the valley the city of Puebla, better known as “City of Angels” or “Angelopolis”. I better call it “City of chapels”, due to the number of churches right there. Being so close, my friends and I easily took the time to spend one weekend in the fourth biggest city in Mexico.

After finding our lodegment (which is usually cheaper in downtown) we started taking a walk around. As the day of the deads was getting closer (1st and 2nd November), the streets were already colorful decorated with all sort of traditional objects: sweet skulls, dead bread, chopped paper and the classic catrinas.

We started off at a little artisan market, where my foreigner friends got damn excited to finally see one of their Mexican tales come true: Mexicans eat bugs. Amid market, a small lady approached to sell us chapulines, those little roast grasshoppers (no! they aren’t eaten alive!). Their taste is totally top with lemon and chili 😛 so my friend Guille didn’t hesitate to buy some to go.

When hunger hit our stomachs we stop off in a rest of comida corrida (small restaurants that offer standard priced menus for 3-4 USD). Puebla is well known by its huge gastronomic range, but mole is probably the most famous meal 🙂

It’s a tough repast to explain. In a nutshell, is a chocolate colored sauce made of an assortment of ingredients, like cocoa, bananas, almond, nuts, raisins, garlic, parsley, corn tortillas, cinnamon, chile ancho, chile pasilla, chile mulato and chipotle (yes, we have more than 100 types of peppers here, and they’re all not that hot). Mole is usually served on a chicken piece or as enchiladas. I have nothing more to say, when you come to Mexico just do it (inlove)

Well satisfied, we kept on with our tour. Even though we watched almost one church in every corner, the one that shocked us the most was the Church of Santo Domingo . Its inward chapel is completely covered in gold. Local people usually call it the Eight World’s Wonder.

After our feet got just too tired to keep (puke) my friends decided to pay for a tram-tour. Although I’m not into planned tours, I finally agreed. The trolley drove up to the fortress hill, the best view point for shooting my cam.

Even though we did know we needed to rest to visit the ancient city of Cholula the next morning, at the end of the day we got back to the hostel and took a nap, to finish the journey with a party night downtown (beer) That’s what travelling hazards is all about (rofl)



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My name is Alexis Ceballos. I was born in Veracruz, southeast México. I've lived with my family most of the time, we're very united. Since I was a kid, I felt atracted to photograpy, filming, writing and reading. That's why I'm graduated from my grade in media sciences. I've been living in Veracruz all my life, until I decided to study in capital (Mexico City) in 2012, where I met foreigns friends and made my very first trips with them. We traveled all around Mexico. When I found out I became addicted to it, I studied abroad in Spain, to see again my buddies I earlier met in Mexico. Then I started my first solo trips around Europe and finally faced my old fears about life, world and humanity. At the end of my studies I made my last trip to South America. I completly switch my mind and I'm still trying to discover myself, even when I didn't know I was lost. Now I'm not trying to settle down anymore, but looking for to do what I most like in life, and traveling, picturing and writiing fit on my likes.

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