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Your Almost Free Guide to Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great summer destination for families, couples, and all kinds of travelers looking to get away for a long weekend and relax by the beach. However, even with a stay in some of the cheaper Virginia Beach hotels, a lot of the summer activities in Virginia Beach can eat a huge chunk out of travelers' budgets.

If you want to have a fun getaway without spending too much, check out the following guide to free or almost free activities in beautiful Virginia Beach!

Visit the Virginia Beach Amusement Park

Spend a day at the Virginia Beach Amusement Park, especially if you are traveling with your family, as the park features rides and games to amuse all ages! Admission is totally free, and ride tickets range from 70 cents to $1 (each big ride usually requires just 4 or 6 tickets). You can get your adrenaline going on the Skyscraper thrill ride, or relax with some of the more laid back games and ride.

Take the Virginia Legends Walk

If you or your traveling buddies are history buffs, you will probably want to follow the Virginia Legends Walk at the oceanfront 13th Street Park. This completely free walk honors famous historical figures from Virginia ranging from authors (Edgar Allan Poe) and singers (Ella Fitzgerald) to politicians (Thomas Jefferson). You will also be just three miles from Cape Henry, the original landing point of Captain John Smith's expedition to the New World in 1607 before moving on to set up Jamestown.

Enjoy Beach Street USA

One of the most famous attractions in Virginia Beach, Beach Street USA is a pretty popular stop for visitors that most travelers will be happy to learn that the entertainment along the street is totally free! Walk along Atlantic Avenue between 17th and 25th streets to see magicians, bands and jugglers entertain passersby all day. During the summer Beach Street USA also hosts a free concert or theatrical performance every single night.

Explore the Free Beaches

Relatively close to most of the hotels in Virginia Beach you will find plenty of open, public beaches with no entrance fees. Better yet, each beach has its own unique atmosphere, so there is a perfect beach for everyone. If you want something lively head to the Virginia Beach resort area which has live music, festivals and nightlife, or check out Chesapeake Beach for a more peaceful and relaxing swimming experience.

Visit Virginia's Historic Homes

As one of the original thirteen colonies Virginia has plenty of history for visitors to discover, especially in the historic homes strewn throughout Virginia Beach. Check out the Lynnhaven House built in 1725, the Ferry Plantation House built in 1740, or tour the Francis Land House constructed in the early 1700s. Tickets for each home cost $8, but you can pay $5 per person to visit three historic homes as long as you book at least two weeks in advance. This historic tour is also perfect for families as children under the age of 6 can enter the homes for free, while students get a good discount.

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