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Hydrama Grand Hotel, Drama, Greece! A brand new luxurious hotel!

A new hotel is always a good reason for a check out trip, especially to all of us who love traveling and tourism in general! So as soon as it came to my attention that there’s a brand new five-star hotel in Drama, a city of about 2 hours’ drive away from my own, I decided time had come to take another trip!

A few days ago I visited the city of Drama and the impressive five-star Hydrama Grand Hotel! I stayed for a wonderful three days that I would love to share with you!

I arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon without any problem as it is located in an easily accessed, central spot. I had my car parked and went through a fast and efficient check-in at the reception where I got the key to my room. Room 218, at the fourth floor, I was there in less than a minute!

Hydrama Grand Hotel is a luxurious and beautiful renovation of an old tobacco warehouse built in the previous century, at one of the city’s most beautiful areas. Right next to the park of Saint Paraskevi, where are the famous springs with the saint’s name, a gorgeous green area of a small beautiful forest surrounding the springs’ pool and the soothing running water noise filling the fresh air. I couldn’t resist enjoying the one of a kind view to the springs from my room window, before even unpacking my luggage!

My room was no disappointment at all! Decoration is luxurious in discreet minimal style and lovely color shades, the bath area is separate from the WC one, everything was sparkling clean and a spacious office desk was also at my disposal! I loved the room at first glance and I was nicely surprised by the welcome gift I found on the small coffee table. It was a bottle of tsipuro (strong local alcoholic drink).

My very next move was to go down at the lobby area and ask how I can enjoy a coffee cup. I was directed to the All Day Café Bar Bite Ducktail. It’s the hotel coffee shop that serves fresh, strong coffee. Just what I needed after my long drive to get here! The hotel coffee shop is decorated with modern furniture and had plenty of visitors. Revitalized by great coffee, I decided to explore further, walking around the hotel. Although night had fallen, the temperature was still high! The hotel lights were illuminating the streets all around the building, so I truly enjoyed a short but beautiful night walk!

It was time for dinner and I was directed to the hotel’s restaurant, called S’eu Restaurant. The restaurant area is cozy, beautifully decorated in harmonic color shades, a place I liked immediately! I chose chicken with pasta for my dinner along with various salads and the quality was great! I couldn’t help but notice that a nice collection of wines was also available on the menu!

Soon after dinner I went up to my room where I lied down for a while before taking a hot shower that totally relaxed me. I fell asleep deeply till the very next morning without any interruptions at all! I woke up totally rejuvenated. The day was sunny and the light played over the spring waters an amazing window view to welcome the day! I took long breaths of fresh air enjoying the wonderful view and soon afterwards joined the rest of hotel guests for breakfast.

The breakfast nook area was sunny and beautiful and the offered breakfast was no disappointment either. A variety of good products along with freshly baked bread, milk, freshly squeezed juices and all the necessary extras required for a hearty breakfast! I have a strong appetite so I tried out almost everything and got the necessary energy to start off my day!

I decided to enjoy another cup of coffee next to the springs at the All Day Café Bar Bite Ducktail while enjoying the glorious sun! This morning was so special and full of light in a gorgeous environment like a fairytale!

The hotel offers to its guests an electric car at their disposal with an experienced driver behind the wheel. I decided this was the best opportunity for a creative morning so I took my cameras and toured around the city of Drama taking beautiful pictures of various spots and corners, getting to know the city a lot better and the beauty it has to offer.

Returning back to the hotel I had a light lunch at S’eu Restaurant, a delicious risotto and then retired to my room to rest a bit. An hour later I decided to visit the small forest next to the springs. I was enchanted while taking gorgeous landscape pictures in fresh air and solitude that I truly enjoyed. I needed to get closer to nature and this place was most relaxing!

Back at the hotel I decided to explore the Wine Warehouse that it offers. Here I totally got the feeling of the hotel’s logo. “Charm through time” plus I got the chance to get accustomed to a few prized wines in a gorgeous environment. If you happen to love good wine, then the city of Drama is a place you should not miss as it is famous for its wines throughout time.

The next day it was time to get to know the hotel’s Spa and the special Crystal Cave that it offers. The Crystal Cave is full of Himalayan minerals that improve the microclimate and through the beneficiary attributes of mineral therapy, they help to armor our immune system and improve health in general. I enjoyed the mineral cave over a heated settee and came out totally rejuvenated and in a great mood!

Time passes easily when you’re having a good time and it was almost lunchtime. My short vacation was unfortunately close to its end. I had to get back to my base. I said farewell to the hotel under the impression that I should have stayed longer. I had a great time here, so in the next few weeks I plan to visit Hydrama Grand Hotel once again but this time, I plan to stay much longer!

    Greece_Drama_Hydrama_Grand_Hotel_Drama__Greece__A_brand_new_luxurious_hotel_travel_and_people_magazine_1 Greece_Drama_Hydrama_Grand_Hotel_Drama__Greece__A_brand_new_luxurious_hotel_travel_and_people_magazine_2 Greece_Drama_Hydrama_Grand_Hotel_Drama__Greece__A_brand_new_luxurious_hotel_travel_and_people_magazine_3 Greece_Drama_Hydrama_Grand_Hotel_Drama__Greece__A_brand_new_luxurious_hotel_travel_and_people_magazine_4 Greece_Drama_Hydrama_Grand_Hotel_Drama__Greece__A_brand_new_luxurious_hotel_travel_and_people_magazine_5



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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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