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Solo Travel Guide for Christmas in Sydney

The summer has come to pass and the next event to look forward to can already enter the planning stage. Of course, we’re talking about Christmas here! Sydney may sound like an unpopular choice for this holiday, but why not try something different and spend Christmas sunbathing on a beach? The summer has passed – true, but not in Sydney, and this city does have a lot to offer for the sunny season, there are many ways to make your next Christmas an event to remember in Australia’s largest city!


While this cool activity isn’t generally considered a “Christmassy event”, how cool would it be to surf for Christmas? The surfing season in the area surrounding Sydney peaks during this time of year, seeing as how the lowest pressure systems create swell with offshore winds. Bondi is Sydney’s most iconic beach and it is perfect for beginners, even during the season when the pros choose to turn up here. Simply rent a surfing board and ride the waves like never before!

Visit the Zoo

Visiting a zoo on Christmas day is something that you wouldn’t usually do, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to try something new. The Taronga Zoo is open, but not too crowded around Xmas, which works perfectly with the fabulous views that this zoo has to offer. The Taronga Zoo is the nation’s leading zoological garden and features a wide variety of Australia’s native, exotic species. This zoo is placed on elevated land along the waterfront, which makes it a perfect vantage point on Sydney Harbour, Sydney Cove, the Harbour Bridge and, of course, the famous Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is quite a unique experience, regardless of the occasion. However, should you choose to stay in Sydney for the New Year’s Eve, there literally is no better spot to be at. Visiting the Pylon Lookout isn’t very expensive, but it will get you a chance to enjoy fantastic views of the city, including the Opera House and, of course, the New Year’s fireworks, which are truly amazing, to say the least. Additionally, you can always opt for climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, regardless of the time of day – the views are equally (although in different ways) breath-taking during dawn, day, twilight and night climbs!

Stay in a Hotel

Staying in a hotel is a perfectly viable option if you want to stay comfortable and calm during your Sydney Christmas experience. The majority of the luxury ones offer top-notch service options and you can rest assured that all of them include celebrations with a valid Christmas spirit. You can choose from a variety of hotels in Sydney that are perfect for your Xmas experience; the options are great, regardless of whether pubs or luxury diners are to your preference.

Take a “Manly” Walk

If you are into walking, we suggest that you check out the Spit to Manly beach trail. Simply take a bus to the Spit and then follow the track to Manly beach. The entire trail is a combination of walking through the bush, small bays, as well as paved pathways and it totals about 4 km one way, so expect a couple of hours’ worth experience. If you feel up to it, you can always take the ferry from Manly to Circular Quay, which is reverse from the usual experience, but can be a great addition to your “Manly” walk!

Spending something that is generally considered a “cold holiday” in Australia’s largest city can be a great experience and we hope that we’ve helped you realize this. There are many events to get into and a variety of ways to spend your holiday season here. Finally, we recommend you to extend your Christmas holiday in Sydney to the New Year’s Eve – the fireworks are simply amazing!

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