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10 reasons to study in Birmingham - Study Abroad - Kiss From The World

10 reasons to study in Birmingham

When you get Jamie’s Italian food followed by drinks at a house party and end the night with “skittles” flavoured sheesha ,only to wake up to a visit to an amusement park: you SHOULD know you’re in Birmingham! One of the most energetic and peppy cities of the United Kingdom, Birmingham is the perfect specimen of “cosmopolitan”. With Whites and Asians making up three fourth of its population, the city is popular for its wide range of universities and the international students who paint the town colourful. But why would they choose Birmingham? Ofcourse the first statement answers that 😉 BUT lets dig more 😀

1.Plethora of Universities

Diverse Career Options- So lets just say, its hard to NOT find a course you’d want to do. Considering the number of universities and their respective departments, the only thing they probably don’t teach you is how to pronounce your name!


With a travel time of 2.5 hours on your hand you could easily reach London, Blackpool or even Devon in the south of UK. Ample bus, train and car rental options are available and would easily suit the student budget you’re on 😀

3.Flavours of the World

From the regular fish n chips and cheesy chips at local food vans to American and Mexican Grills, Birmingham will offer you flavours that your taste buds would love to savour. With the vast Asian population in the city, you could grab your forks and dig into mouth-watering Chinese and Thai food. If you’re lucky with a tourist guide like me on your side 😉 we might catch some finger –licking Indian food too! 😛

4.Not too cold, Not too warm

Not TOO cold like Scotland and not too warm like the beaches in south of UK, Birmingham is nearly perfect for annual survival :p. Occasional snow and hail might just be a treat for your eyes J

5.Shopaholic Paradise

Name the Brand and Locate the Store. Hey that’s easy! 😉 Not on your  wallets though :p but when did that stop you, you brat ! :p. Hub of fashion and clothing brands, stuffed together under one roof: Birmingham Bullring in itself will make you shop till you drop! Ofcourse you could torture your pocket and legs more and trust me you’d never get enough 😉

6.Buffet of your poisons

Now lets get down to student basics. What is graduation without a little bit of fun that you wont recollect later? Student Clubs with CHEAP entry tickets and the most entertaining theme parties will make you go club hopping every weekend till you eventually reach Gatecrashers, one of the most popular student clubs around 😀

7.Flavoured Pipes

“Sheesha”, the persian name for “water pipes” is another highlight for the student population in Birmingham. With flavours ranging from “Bubble Gum” and “Skittles” to “Blue Mist” and “Lychee”, be prepared to inhale the fruity essence of smoke! Moon Shisha Lounge happens to be one of the most famous joints with an ambience that will make you want to hit the club right after 😉

8.Paceful Pendulum

With Alton Towers in its credentials, this city also caters to tourists from all over UK, who appreciate pace and delve in adventure. With some of the best rollercoaster rides, Alton Towers is among the top amusement parks of the UK. If you have an insatiable appetite, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Thorpe Park aren’t too far either! 😛

9.For the love of Willy Wonka

Cadbury and Chocolate is almost synonymous in this lively city. A self guided tour for the foodie, the marketer and the supply chain specialist- Cadbury World will make you want to put on weight guiltfree! Pre-book your visit and start dieting in advance! 😀

10.Home Sweet Home

Apartments with some of the best interior designs spam the city and will allow you to create a home away from home. If you’re lucky to get a residential apartment LITERALLY in the middle of a shopping complex, you might just wake up to discounts at your doorstep! 😛

An all in one destination for the student, the youth, the traveller, the foodie and the shopaholic- its not a city you just want to read about! GO. EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE.

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Awestruck by the flavours of the world at the age of 10, I believe travelling is the foundation of my personality. It gives me opportunities yet streamlines my choices, brings me closer to the world yet allows solitude, identifies my weaknesses yet enhances my strengths. A finance freak by qualification, my heart lies in exploring the different corners of the world and keeping pictorial memories, which allow me to go back in time and remember where those zeros were ACTUALLY spent! ;) :DComing from the land of diversity, India, I have always handpicked destinations which offer a multitude of experiences in terms of culture, people as well as sightseeing. From the land of the rising sun to cities that brighten in the night, from the traditional aroma of the Middle East to cosmopolitan towns, from Scottish single malts to Asian teas, my taste buds have savoured the different flavours and now crave for more. Writing about these chapters of my life not only makes me recollect memories but also gives me an outlet through which I can inspire you to make your own! Take the ride, even though it’ll be rocky, take the risks cause I promise they’ll be worth it, and capture moments cause they’ll never come back!

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