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Canberra, Australia's Capital - A Destination for All Seasons - Things to do in Canvberra - Australia

Canberra, Australia’s Capital – A Destination for All Seasons

Most people relate Australian tourism to Sydney, as it is the most popular tourist destination. However, visiting Australia and not spending a couple of days in its capital, Canberra would be a shame. This city has so much to offer, from the world class cuisine and vibrant nightlife to cultural events, and all sorts of outdoor activities – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Every year, the city of Canberra attracts numerous visitors from all across the globe, they love spending time there and enjoying what this unique experience has to offer. If you choose to visit Australia’s capital, here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

Dress up for a good play

If you’re eager to explore the artistic side of Canberra, you’re in for quite a treat. If you choose to spend the evening at Canberra Theatre Centre, you’ll be able to enjoy all types of plays and performances, extravagant circus and physical theatre, to serious dramas and heart-warming comedies. Ensembles that include Australian Ballet and Bell Shakespeare are definitely worth seeing, so book your tickets and get ready for a night of culture and pleasure in Australia’s capital.

Midnight Safari at Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime at Jamala Wildlife Lodge, a unique accommodation that gives you the opportunity to become a guest of National Zoo & Aquarium. This all-inclusive package allows you the chance to bond with some of the Zoo’s most eminent members. Have breakfast with a giraffe, sip the afternoon tea with a lion, and say good night to your new friend – bear. You can book a private room or choose to stay in Giraffe Treehouses or Jungle Bungalows, whichever suits your taste. The package also includes two daily tours, breakfast, dinner, and drinks in between.

Take a walk among trees at the National Arboretum Canberra

Make use of an efficient charter bus rental and pay a visit to the beautiful array of miniature trees and forests at the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of the National Arboretum Canberra. These tiny wonders are works of highly successful bonsai and penjing artists in Australia. You can take a guided tour and hear interesting stories about the trees, or learn new things by watching holograms with tales about the bonsai artists and Ngunnawal people among others.

Dine East Asian style

While you’re in Canberra, take a chance to visit top class restaurant AKIBA, the winner of Australia’s People Choice Award in 2016. The hectic pace of the restaurant perfectly complements a variety of rich flavours and extensive cocktail list. Soak in the thrilling, laid-back atmosphere and indulge in specialties like Dim Sum and Asian barbecue.

Explore the Sculpture Garden

This one-of-a-kind garden will leave you speechless. Located near the Lake Burley Griffin, this outdoor type of gallery displays 26 sculptures – works of Australian and international artists. The garden represents an ideal mixture of nature and culture, as the beauty of sculptures adds up to the magnificent landscape of winding paths, ponds, native plants, and amazing views of the lake. For a truly mystical experience, visit the Sculpture Garden during Fujiko Nakaya’s fog sculpture, which takes place every day from 12:30pm to 2pm, and roam through the foggy garden.

Drifting in the air

Take a chance to see things from a different perspective by taking a ride in hot air balloon. Drifting over Canberra is the best chance to see the city’s full potential. The ride starts in the morning, so you’ll have a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunrise while you’re in the air. Let the wind carry you while you admire the marvellous views of nature and stunning architecture of the city. The end of the ride isn’t the end of surprises, as it’s followed by a delicious breakfast at the Canberra Hyatt Hotel.

Canberra is a melting pot where people of all nations come to have an unforgettable time. Become one of them by visiting this culturally diverse and rich city.

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