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Tonight its raining, its raining a lot. I'm lying on my bed and I see enormous thunders and purple lightnings exploding through the sky, repeatedly, and I can listen on the streets the sound of some car wheels dragging the water. One thunder, two thunders, another thunder, so deep and far away; another second my room goes blindly wild, and I can only think of being in another place, being in a Delta river, on a tent, or on a boat, or on the shore, I don't care, but there, listening to this same thunders and snoozing that Delta wet air that brings you back to a new, still old, very old, primitive state, and it smells like mint, and mud, and water, and wood, and all the people in the world together; that wet air that makes the cold get right into your bones, and makes you hate it but you can't stop loving it, because it reminds you of who you are. Listening to the flashing leaves, shhhashing, and the boats bouncing together, some dribble here, some dribble there, and the river knocking them from time to time, and slow and silently taking over everything in its path, the ground, the electric light, your sandals and all the things that surrounded you during the day, caressing the walls of your shelter. Looking out, to this sepia darkness that you can only find here, full of water wrinckles and moonlight, always a shy tiny red light blinking far away, waiting for someone to pass by; and I'm just standing there, all lightnings trembling this moonlight, me and a dying fire, and we won't have fire tomorrow because everything is soaked, and I'm smelling Delta and with that feeling of being alone but never lonely, because all the people in the world are with me.


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I'm Mariana. 32 years old, restless, curious, cosmopolite, sporty, rustic and funny. I'm a lover of trying new experiences, even if its a new book, a meal or place. Fashion designer, buyer for an Argentine importer, because of my job I started travelling and It's opened a door in my life, where I've become this person who loves meeting new individuals and incredible scenery and I can't stop anymore. I am from and live in Argentina, single and live on my own, with a 9 to 6 job, but I managed to visit China, Hong Kong, India, USA, Colombia, Bolivia, Brasil, Paris, Emirates and almost the whole Argentina. Anytime I can, I get on a plane and go, sometimes bussiness trips and others personal. I love reading and I started writting as a hobby, and when I saw this I thought it had been just made for me. I would Love to write for you, even I don't have a blog about travelling, only a few fashion funny posts.

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