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Exploring The Waterfalls Of Iguazu As A Solo Traveler

My time in Argentina was coming to an end. I had spent all of my time in Buenos Aires and new that it might be awhile until I was back in the region so if I was going to see the Iguazu falls I had to do it now. Iguazu is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. I had to see it! So I booked a flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu, found a hotel, and packed a bag for my weekend adventure. The flight was just under 2 hours and the hotel was easy to get to. The next morning I got up early, went into town, and got on a bus that took me to the park. The day was cloudy, but even then it was still really hot and incredibly humid (and that’s saying something coming from a Florida girl!).

Once I paid the general admission cost of 215 pesos (roughly $25) I made my way to the Jungle Train. It is an eco-friendly train that runs on liquefied petroleum gas and was designed exclusively for the Iguazu National Park. It holds up to 250 passengers and after about a 10 minute ride drops off in front of the walkway that leads to Devil’s Throat, the highest of Iguazu’s 275 waterfalls.

I went on this trip completely on my own. And I had a great time! There are a lot of advantages to traveling solo, some of which I briefly touched on in a previous post. Iguazu is such an amazing place, and I think that because I was by myself I was able to take my time and really soak it all in (pun intended!). I let myself stand in the mist and listened to the thundering of the water for as long as my little heart desired. I walked as slowly or as quickly as I wanted. I took the boat tour that takes you almost right under the falls and very briefly makes you think, “Oh shit! This is how I’m going to die!” And I took as many pictures as I wanted.

I’m not sure I would have really taken it all in if I’d been with the group of friends I’d gone to Argentina with. I tend to put myself last when I’m with other people. I tend to worry that I’m taking too long or that they’re sick of me taking too many photos. If no one else had wanted to go on the boat ride, would I still have gone on it by myself? Probably not.

So don’t be afraid to be a solo traveler once in a while; it can be a very rewarding experience.

What about you? Do you like to travel on your own?


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Hi! I'm Vicky and I've been traveling since I was a kid but only recently started blogging. I work full time and I am working on my Masters, but I squeeze in as much travel time as I can and I'm hoping that one day traveling can be my full time career :)

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