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I Saw the Dreamy Eyes of Twelve Apostles in Australia

Twelve Apostles – One of the most dreamy sights I have seen so far. Mere sight of it invigorated me on the misty and cloudy afternoon. Part of Great Ocean Road which was constructed in 1930s and traces its roots to the great Victorian Gold Rush, these tall limestone pillars, formed due to wind and water erosion, look so imposing, rising up to 150 foot. Though the name refers twelve, there exists now only eight such structures as rest of them collapsed, unable to withstand the pressure of strong sea waves at their foundations and winds of Southern Ocean.

When you are in Melbourne, you simply cannot miss to drive along one of the most scenic and breathtaking coastal roads in Australia, stretching from Geelong to Portland. Once you hit the small quintessential town of Torquay, you sense the feel of nature’s beauty. Torquay is very popular with the sea surfers. This place heralds the beginning of the most scenic part of the drive.

One of the best ways to enjoy these apostles is by flying over them. Take a helicopter ride and see the entire Shipwreck Coast and Port Campbell National Park, where these apostles are located.

Walk down the steps at the Loch Ard Gorge. Take a leisurely stroll along the coast and with the waves. Let the water wash your feet, while you stretch your hands and look up the heaven, thanking the almighty for such an awe-inspiring creation of nature. Not to be missed is a photograph with another iconic structure – London Arch – very close to the apostles. (Enjoy an interesting photo clicked on Great Ocean Drive)

You can listen to countless stories of tragic shipwrecks occurring on this coast. It is not only cemetery to several shipwrecks, but also home to many instances of valor and sacrifices.

Twelve apostles is part of Port Campbell National Park, which has been developed for the preservation of unique marine life of Victoria State. It is mentioned that these apostles are “standing as sentinels over an underwater paradise”. As much spectacular it is above, it is outstandingly beautiful below the water as well. This marine park houses some of the spectacular underwater scenery, with rich invertebrate communities and dramatic underwater arches, canyons and reefs. Beneath the cooler turquoise water, stands towering walls, covered in colorful seaweed and sponges that support reef fish.

While I was standing on the edge of these rugged cliffs, looking at the distant apostles rising up majestically from the water, far away cliffs were shrouded in the clouds, fabricating a mystic and dreamy spectacle, belying our eyes. It was an indelible experience, undoubtedly.

How to Reach: You can book a day tour with Friendly Group (starts from AUD 79) which I would recommend. Alternately, drive 275 km west of Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, approximately four-hour drive, to reach the apostles.

Admission Fees: Free. Yes, you heard it right – entrance to the park absolutely FREE, except for the helicopter ride.

Best Time to Visit: Morning sunrise and evening twilight are the most picturesque, and of course the most photogenic as well.


Profile photo of Suyash Chopra

I am a passionate student of life, who believes in “Drink Life to its Lees”. I don many hats - co-founder of Non-Profit Organization - Aashayein Foundation, marketing specialist, researcher, freelance writer and blogger, photographer and, traveler and explorer, who keeps dreaming of his next destination, Always.Apart from travel blogs, I have authored more than a dozen technical papers for business and management conferences across the globe, which can be found at IEEE Xplore digital library and Google Scholar. My articles have been published in the English newspaper daily – The Hans India. I am a regular contributor to various online web magazines like Eat.Drink.Dish MPLS, Minneapolis Northwest, Software Excellence Process Group (SEPG) Conference, and 21st Century Norbert Wiener. For my contributions, i have has won various prizes and accolades at various levels, including IEEE SIGHT Fellowship 2013.

3 thoughts on “I Saw the Dreamy Eyes of Twelve Apostles in Australia

  1. Profile photo of Chloe DoughertyChloe Dougherty

    Hi there! Doing this trip in a few weeks. Is the helicopter ride expensive/worth it? Also, while you were driving did you see any wildlife along the way or crossing the road? We had car troubles in Tassie due to active wallaby activity on the roads at night! Due to that experience, I am nervous about renting a car to drive the GOR! Loved your post!

  2. Profile photo of Suyash ChopraSuyash Chopra Post author

    Hi Chloe, Good luck for your upcoming trip. Thanks for visiting my post and for your appreciation. I took the day trip from the downtown Melbourne. It was a good ride, very comfortable bus. And we had lot to see. While driving through, we did see Kangaroos, the shy Koalas and lot of colorful birds in one of the stops. Helicopter ride, though bit expensive, is definitely worth an experience, in terms of seeing the apostles from a different angle – top view. In case, you have concerns with your car, the day-trip is not a bad idea though you will not have the flexibility to stop wherever you want and stay as long as you want. But its still a good option for around $70. Have a good time.


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