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The Perfect Stress-Free Weekend in Noosa

Mostly, my travels consist of visiting the famous landmarks and enjoying the cultural sites and other important places. This is very interesting and it really builds you as a person, but it is a bit hard in a way. You are always on a schedule and you are always trying to see more and experience more. In the end, you are happy that you did it, but you are also extremely tired. With my busy schedule during the week and not many vacation days, I decided to do something different when choosing to visit Noosa. I wanted some relaxing time and I wanted to get in touch with the nature. So, I took Friday off and did a whole weekend of wonderful nature exploration in this area. Here is my great and relaxing itinerary.

Noosa National Park

Friday was my first day in Noosa, so I decided to take this day and explore the surroundings before I do something more relaxing. It was just perfect. There were many different hiking trails in the Noosa National Park and we had a really nice guide who showed us around. If you want to do it alone, it’s fine as well but be careful. There is some really helpful staff there and they help you identify birds and wildlife. There are also signs about where the koalas were spotted, but I wasn’t that lucky to meet one. However, I did see an iguana because I decided to choose the track along the ocean. The sights were just perfect. I went past Hells Gate to Noosa Heads, but if you choose the hinterland trail, those are just as good.

Lake Weyba

I walked for a couple of hours the previous day, so I wanted to take it easy on Saturday. I went to Lake Weyba and decided to have a nice day relaxing. From the dawn to the dusk, you can spend the entire day staring at the peaceful surface of this lovely lake. I rented a cottage that had a spa bath and the lovely view. The serenity of this place is absolutely astonishing. In the afternoon, I went kayaking, but no more than two hours. The accommodation and the nature are so beautiful that I just chose to do nothing and try to absorb that natural peace around me.

Living Valley Springs

While Lake Weyba was a very relaxing place, the best in that department was yet to come. Living Valley Springs resort is something that everybody should experience at last once. When I arrived, the first thing I did was having a nice massage. I knew that my package there included this, Russian steam bath and lunch, but I totally forgot that I’m about to have a deluxe facial and even a manicure. It was all just perfect. I felt well taken care of and pampered. This place is so much more than a beautifying spa. They have experts that teach you how to relax, what to eat and how to exercise. They can even resolve some of your deeper issues. Next time, I’m definitely coming here for a week.

After the lovely lunch I had in this resort, I decided to see the sunset on one of the Noosa beaches and head home. I felt relaxed and I definitely gathered my thoughts. Nature and all those wonders did the trick and I was energized enough for another work week.



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Nicole is a French language teacher and an avid traveller. She always seeks new adventures and she likes to share her experiences with the world. She's passionate about yoga and she loves to dance salsa.

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