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Unexpected Paradise

This is the first blog I have ever written, so I figure I should introduce myself a little!

After graduating university in 2012 with a BSc in Forensics and CSI I quickly realised that finding a job in my chosen career wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. After three months of not being able to find the job I trained for, and getting increasingly fed up of the British weather, I booked a one way flight to Australia.

During my two year stay on the continent, I met many many interesting people and had lots and lots of adventures. One of those was a 10 day road trip north of Perth along the coast, and below is one part of that adventure! In my opinion Western Australia is one of the most under rated and unexplored parts of Australia.

To me travel is all about exploring the unknown. The very best adventures sometimes come from not planning anything at all. One of my most memorable trips certainly happened this way!

An important thing to know about road tripping through Australia is that night travel is extremely dangerous and does not come highly recommended. Out in the bush the roads are not lined with street lights and are often littered with rogue Roos, Wolf Creeker's and various other wildlife based obstacles, making accidents extremely likely!

For this reason on the first day of my road trip we had to find a place to sleep. After stopping off in the towns of Lancelin and Geraldton to grab supplies and do some exploring, we picked an unknown place named 'Sandy Cape' from a flyer we found in a bakery. I prefer the do things on the fly it always makes things more fun, as was soon to be proven!

On approach to the national park, the road turned to a classic loose red dirt from the much easier to traverse asphalt. My main concern was that we get bogged in the sand and after spending a good 30 minutes or so carefully navigating the road in our non 4×4 vehicle, with several close shaves might I add, we emerged into a small sandy camp site littered with a small number of tents and cars.

Not much to look at yet scenery wise, we pulled our car up under a tree by a sandy verge that obscured our view. Due to some packing errors I and my accomplice were yet to obtain a tent, this meant we didn't waste any time setting anything up. I grabbed my camera and we set off to explore the immediate area. Not knowing what to expect, I traversed the sandy verge nearby and to this day I still vividly remember what I saw and how taken aback I was.

The most beautiful, secluded, soft white sand, turquoise water beach revealed itself and was currently hosting a spectacular crimson sunset. The timing could not have been more perfect. After taking a multitude of photos and shooting some footage, I grabbed some cold beers from the eski and a few sleeping bags and spent the entire night lying on the beach watching the sun set whilst the ocean lapped the shore metres away.

Once the sun had passed, it gave way to a perfectly clear star-studded sky. Being so far from any kind of civilisation, light pollution was none existent. What this meant is was that not only was the

Milky Way out in full effect, but shooting stars darted across the sky every few minutes. It was a dream come true. This is the kind of location you hope to stumble across. I just wish my astro-photography had been more up to par at this point in time!

Having an entire beach to yourself in such a beautiful location truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

This is why I travel.


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I graduated university in 2012 and decided that life is too short not to spend it adventuring. After leaving my home town of London for Australia I have spent the last 3 years filling my life with as many amazing places and people as possible. I started vlogging my adventures just over a year ago on my YouTube channel and have recently started taking it on full time. I have been looking for an outlet to blog from for some time now and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to start writing again along side my photography and videography.I am very excited to become part of a larger group of travellers!

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