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Sailing Out of Sydney on the Celebrity Solstice (and Martinis!)

Hidden under the clouds in Sydney Harbour was none other than the Celebrity Solstice docked in Sydney Harbour. On that grey and cold day, we made our way onto the ship to begin our 12-night cruise to New Zealand. For me personally, I was glad to be out of the cold and the rain and that meant that I could finally stop dragging my luggage around.

After making my way into the OPT (Overseas Passenger Terminal) and through the crowds, I immediately went in search of the Martini Bar. To my surprise who should I see, but Agus! He is the amazing bartender I first met on the Celebrity Reflection in 2012. I even have a video of him working in the Martini Bar on my YouTube channel. He was still his bright effervescent self and was running around filling drink orders like the Energizer bunny. I don't know where he gets his energy but I want some of it.

After running around in the rain, I was ready to sit back and relax and so I started my afternoon off with one of my favorite martinis, a Fresca Martini (Three Olives Vodka, fresh watermelon juice, mint, fresh lime juice, simple syrup). Delish!

The martinis began to flow and we weren't holding back. I have them pictured above, but I'm not completely sure on all of the names. They did taste good if that means anything at all! As a disclaimer, I have to admit that Mr. TSG was probably drinking two drinks for every one of mine. He's also 6' tall so he gets to have the extra drinks. We were on vacation after all!

With a few drinks down, it seemed only natural to locate our cabin and film my cabin tour video. If you watch it, you'll probably hear I'm slightly giddy because of the martinis. Video will be up soon on YouTube.

I completed my quick video and I pretty much ran out to the balcony to sit back and enjoy the view. For my last cruise out of Sydney, the ship backed into its berth so my port side cabin was facing The Rocks. This time the ship pulled into port so my view was of the opera house. How often in your life can you say you had a view like this of the Sydney Opera House? For me it's never and as a result, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.

For Australia Day, P&O Cruises for the first time ever had three of their ships in Sydney Harbour for the celebration. Those ships were the Pacific Jewel, the Pacific Pearl, and the Pacific Dawn. In this picture taken the day after, you can see the Pacific Pearl was still in port before her departure from the harbour for a 10-night Melanesian Discovery Cruise.

In each of the photos you'll see in this post, you'll definitely notice that the weather was changing from one second to the next. At one point I thought I even saw sunshine, but that was never the case.

No matter the angle or the distance from where you stand, the Sydney Opera House is an amazing piece of architecture. I had always wanted to visit Sydney and to see it in person, it feels so surreal that you can't do anything but pinch yourself to make you realize you're actually there and it's right in front of you.

As we backed out, I had a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Luna Park just beyond. Seriously — how good is my life? I had just run over that bridge the day before. The view was fantastic, but as the weather was chilly and I was cold, I decided it was time to head back inside the cabin and get out and about on the ship.

After sailaway we decided to roam the ship and see what was going on in the world. We ended up on deck three and the Passport Bar for the drink of the day. So glad that we had a drink there as it seems Celebrity Cruises will be taking out that bar and replacing it. Not sure if it is fleet wide if and when they will do it on the Solstice, but looks like they have it planned for the Eclipse during dry dock.

Throughout my 12-night cruise, I hate to admit that I ate at the buffet more than probably anywhere else. This was a big change from last cruise on the Solstice, but I had previously booked in Aqua Class and the difference was immense. The fresh, clean, healthy spa cuisine in Blu was sorely missed.

You know your life is good when you're complaining about food options while on a cruise ship thousands of miles away from home. I'll have more about the amazing destinations I visited in future posts.



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As a writer, aspiring photographer, and full-time vegetarian and hopeful vegan, the world is a different place for me. Travel is in my blood and I love to write about and photograph the places I've visited. I'm traveling the world one city at a time and sharing what I've learned along the way, be it by cruise ship to the Caribbean, on land in Europe, or somewhere in between. Through humor, sarcasm, and honesty, I call it exactly as I see it so you always hear the truth. Follow me on my travels around the world as I shop, dine, and live life to the fullest.

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