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Travelling Nursed the Broken Me

That wasn't the first time I bought a solo ticket going to an unfamiliar destination. Sometimes, being alone has the incredible power to transform timid tourist into fearless traveler. As one of my new-found friends said, my trip was all about soul searching – a contemplation of my own thoughts, desires and conduct. Maybe he was right.

Everything about the place was new and the feeling of excitement grew when the journey from airport to my hotel started. It was a breath of fresh air – from the cold weather I have to deal with, to a laid back atmosphere I’ll be enjoying for the next couple of days. Australia is so much blessed with beautiful wonders Mother Nature has to offer. The magnificent views of ocean cliffs, well-nurtured wildlife reserves, eye-catching contemporary establishments and rich historical edifice – that was really a great experience and the best I’ve seen so far. Given a chance, I would love to visit again, take another break and wander around other cities to learn more from their early history and culture.

I enjoyed every moment I’ve spent in Australia. During the day, I walked the beach, played with cute little kids, sat in cafes, strolled in busy streets, hopped on and off the busy trains, ferries and buses, conversed with solo travelers, and took as much photos as I could – people, places, things which captivated my sight. At night, I ate sandwiches, noodles, beef and rice, intoxicated myself with tons of caffeine, feast eyes on sparkling fireworks, battled with cold weather while leisurely walking from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour to Central and then back to my hotel. I was astonished with the laid-back style of living they have there. It wasn’t like a normal thing for me. Shops were closed at exactly five in the afternoon as they give huge importance to “family time”. That’s far different from the life I have in Singapore. I had too many expectations before getting there. Those expectations lead to comparisons like the trains’ cleanliness, vandalisms on walls, young and old people begging for money and young and old homeless people sleeping at the corner of some streets. I felt so blessed. From a normal dinner we usually have in some fancy restaurants in Singapore, never did Lheny (a close friend and workmate as well) and I imagine ourselves being there together, sharing each other’s thoughts, conversing about each other’s current relationships in that cold Sunday night at one corner overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Aside of course from the temporary freedom from mountain-pile of work, the best thing I love about traveling solo is meeting new friends who are worth the keep. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful places and met many amazingly kind people. How could I ever forget those who made my entire trip extra blissful?

I hopped on a plane; that was a long journey home. And it was great to know that the entire experience completely nursed the broken me.



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My name is Gianella and I am a thirty-something year old who loves reading, cooking, travelling and photography! And because the daily grind can be frustrating, I sometimes want to escape the hustle and bustle of city and work life. I love to share photos and stories about my travels, experiences, adventures and whatnots!

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