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Chapada dos Veadeiros: welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to Paradise!

It is not surprising that there are several alternative communities in the region of “Chapada dos Veadeiros” . The location is perfect to put aside all the skepticism of the big city and let the energy flow that hang in every corner of the cities of Alto Paraíso and São Jorge . Here’s a tip, if I could get back in time, I would have stayed a few extra days in São Jorge and a bit less in Alto Paraíso . Not that this second is a bad place , but I really I sympathized with the village at the entrance of the State Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros. (Just to clarify, The National Park is “Chapada dos Veadeiros” and the two closest places to stay, the city of Alto Paraíso, at 40km and the Village of São Jorge, right at the entrance of the Park).

Alto Paraíso has its charm. It’s a friendly town, with a main avenue where you can find banks, the bus station, some hotels and major restaurants. You will find many “alternative people” there, you know, the so called “Hippies”. There are a lot of waterfalls that doesn’t belong to the National Park. It’s private property, where you pay a small fee and usually get some facilities like restaurant, toilet and even boardwalk in some.

I decided to stay at the Hostel Catavento (Pinwheel), affiliated by the World Hi Hostels Group, which is on the surroundings of the small town, It’s a good and pleasant walk of 15 minutes, or maybe you can get a ride in the van’s owner in one of his trips to the city. The hostel can take care of your transfer from, and to the bus station, you just need to book it in advance. I settled in a cozy collective cottage with 2 bunk beds.

Loquinhas Waterfalls: Access by the “Rua do segredo” (Secret Street), 3 km from the city center, a complex of seven wells characterized by its emerald waters. Easy visitation for children and seniors. Stone wall made by slaves, nature trail and suspension bridge. The wooden walkway of 780m facilitates baths and preserves the environment.

Waterfall Crystal River: 5 km from Alto Paraíso by GO 118 paved road to Teresina de Goiás, and 1 km of the dirt road. Several waterfalls and natural pools. Easy level. Restaurant.

São Benedito Waterfall and Almécegas I and II Waterfalls: at 9 km from Alto Paraíso in São Bento farm, and less than 200m track, you arrives at the São Benedito Waterfall, with a beautiful natural pool. Easy level. To reach Almécegas 1, following approximately 3 km of dirt road, and then a path of approximately 1 km. Following the dirt road we arrive at Almécegas II, which is a few meters walk. In Almécegas 1, medium level for the ascent and descent, in II easy.


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I have been working with photography and video in the last five years, although the picture is in my life, as a hobby for over 20 years. I always enjoyed documenting my travels, and now with my entry into the blogging world, you and the rest of the world (or at least those interested) will have the opportunity to know my life, my habits, my way of seeing and feeling the world.

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