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Eat, Pray, Love São Paulo City

We can and we must say that there is no more contrasting city than São Paulo, albeit in numbers. Numbers out of the ordinary.

Not easy to write of such a cosmopolitan city, so fascinating, so unpredictable . Understanding this city is too complicated task best left to talk with natives than trying to understand all the complexity that surrounds this city.

Not easy eithter to summarize kind of such city, so, we opted to name in this post points which can describe its abundance in nature, fruits, soil, cuisine, styles! We belive this is the best way to attempt to interpret the city. Thus it is possible to show the reader the impression of its grandeur and wealth far beyond a single large city

This post is intended to share an overview of the city for foreigners who come to watch the games of the World Cup . Important, interesting places where what you see in all strokes, corners , buildings , markets … is something very common in the city : plenty ! São Paulo is abundant is everything. From luxury to rubbish, everything is in gigantic proportions , affectionately nicknamed " Sampa " !

Abundance of the residents themselves frantically connected all devices and are everywhere at all times . Conferences , events morning, noon , evening and night , weddings , lectures … the pace of a Paulista is mind-boggling for anyone to come out. Everyone.

It's unanimous, are always waging left and right as if tomorrow was too late for anything , even to enjoy . Yes, time left for São Paulo. Paulistas know as anyone else to appreciate what your work can provide them.

When we say Paulistas we are saying they can also be italians, French, Japaneses, Lebaneses or Brazilians from other states once Paulistas are made of all of them, one of the key points in description of its main feature, the abundance.

For a town of only 460 years the numbers are overwhelming :

– 1 event every 6 minutes

– 125 museums

– 164 theaters

– 53 malls

– 5000 pet shops

– 95 parks

– 9 stages

– 15 000 restaurants

– 20 billion bars

– 3,200 bakeries

– 5,000 pizzerias , with 1 million pizzas per day, 720 per minute

– 240 000 stores

– 6 million cars

– 33 000 taxis

– 470 helicopters

– 18 million inhabitants…

– 1.530 km square meters

Let´s start with what we believe to be the high point for each and every tourist, to enjoy and watch closely the abundance of Brazil giant country like everything, too !

Usually take foreigners to the Municipal Market and there who does not get out of there with his chin dropped .

The Market Hall was opened in 1933 where you can see all the wealth who comes from the land of Brazil and still enjoy to taste the typical snacks in town , washed down with a good beer.

Not only concrete in abundance Sao Paulo is done ! Nature is no shortage here! And of course with the fundamental characteristic of the city, in abundance ! Of the 95 parks, we cite here the Park Ibirapuera (Tupi word meaning " IBIRA " tree = + = PUERA already off ) . This name is because the area was marshy ground, but that was resolved with the planting of eucalyptus that drained soil. Opened in 1954, today is the most important city park.

It is very difficult to tell because there are thousands of excellent restaurants in São Paulo! From steakhouses ( fascination of tourists ), local food from Bahia (exceptional ) to the best of international cuisine with Italian taverns, pizzerias, French, Japanese restaurants … The list is endless and we think, be the most difficult to pinpoint where to go … For this task we decided that would be the best indication of Brazilians serving typical Brazilian food in general!

Still also recommend that eat the food street, the fair of the Republic Square or even in any corner pub there will always be a delicious pastel, bolinhos de arroz, coxinhas, acarajés…

After a stroll through the City Market, it's time to present to the taste and the other senses the experience of Brazilian food and São Paulo gives us what is best. For a true Brazilian dining experience, we list 5 places more than required :


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I have degree in Social Communication. I´ve been traveling and writting about this for the last 20 years. I am author of a book about Paris and Public Relations of some international services in tourism and I coordinate some groups around the world.

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