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Otress beach a cool place to be

Have you ever dreamed about a peaceable life ??? Owning a small bar on the beach. Having a great time with people and watching the stunning sunset with full of the joys of spring. Or even If you can’t afford to own a bar, you’re always welcomed to this beautiful place. And you don’t need to own a bar to obtain those great experiences. All you need to do is pack your stuff and set off to Sihanoukvile with all your excitement.

Otress beach in Sihanoukville is like a another relative of beaches nearby around the whole city. If you found a life of luxury in a fancy hotel in Sokha beach, or a bit frenetic throughout the night with cheap buckets, free shots or wines, and wake up with a bit hangover from a boozy nights in Serendipity, then you can absolutely find peace in Otress Beach.

Otress is one of the most famous in Sihanouville among many beaches.

A bit far from city, around 5 minutes to get there. After getting off from the local bus terminal, jump on a motorbike and head toward to the beach. Otress is not similar to any places that I’ve been to before. It’s not a modern place as you could image when the first time think of it. There are only a few resorts along the beach, and the rest of it is the tiny and lovely bungalows spread out across the beach.

Not so many activities as the others have offered, but that doesn’t make this place less fascinated and charming than any beaches. Leave behind your workaday concerns and try to eliminate your common routines to immerse yourself into a wild with wind, beaches, white sandy and tan skins. That’s exactly what you should do once come here.

It’s pretty easy to find accommodations around here with price range start from 4$ – 7$ for a dorm room and 12$ – 25$ for a private bungalow with nice bed and perfect view. Unless you visit in a high season, booking in advance is required to make sure you have a roof over your head. Bars around here also pretty good with many kind. If you love rock’ n roll and would like floating yourself into a hard rock melodies, don’t skip Moon Light bar, they offered a rock live concern sometimes with some rock bands from Pnom Penh.

If you are kinda a quiet person, want to have private moments with beach and take it easy on a big round chair in the sun. Then mark it down, a cool place to be, ”Mushroom Point”. Occupying two side of the beach, the place offered you a very cozy mushroom bungalows with a cool bar shaped a huge mushroom on the beach side or the other opposite side with a very comfortable place to chill out. Also have movie show every night at the chill out point with any kind of movie that you could watch.

If you stay in Mushroom, try to test as much as good different food in the menu.

They are just amazing, price is not so expensive with all baguette around 4$ and the most expensive one is BBQ with prawn by Kh’mer style which cost 12$, but it’s worth to try. My favorite food in Mushroom Point is curry and Tom Yam. Also they have special food is BBQ Lepinja which comes from Slovenia.

For a private bungalow on the beach side costs 20$, there are only 5 bungalows on the beach with bath room outside, or if you want you can have your own private bath room with 25$ also a bungalow with lovely round bed inside but on the other side. I do prefer sleeping in a bungalow on beach. Can you image how it feels when sleeping in a cozy place and listening to the wave keep cashing onto the shore. Then wake up in the morning and slowly draw the curtain to let the sun light up your room. That’s beautiful, isn’t it ??

By the way, if you love outdoor activities, they have a plenty of stuffs to entertain such as kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing or if you feel a bit plucky, then get a motorbike and go off the beaten track, many interesting things waiting for you out there. And do come to PaPaPiPo for a trivia every Tuesday night.

Otress beach, I believe that once you got here, you may fell in love with this place and never want to go back home. I will come back here one day as soon as I can.


Profile photo of Dang Huynh

Hi there, I am a passionate traveler from Vietnam who willing to leave everything behind to see the world.In September 2012, I left Vietnam for what supposed to be a trip around Southeast Asia. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and really get extended my eyesight. It has taken me a long time before I perfectly made up my mind to live the way as I want to be.I fortunately met a lot of passionate people on the road and so happy that we have lots of thing in common. We desire to travel or live in another country not because of making money but desire to experience new things, cultures and people. “And the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun”. No matter what do you want to do or what do you want to be, or even just want to live in a strange way, that would be cool, go for it, dude. Life is wonderful and not long enough to wake up with regrets. No one of us know exactly things are wrong or right since life is a process of searching value things, but it’s a journey, not a destination.

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