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Montréal, Canada. The first step

Hello there readers!

This year the blog adventure is moved to Montréal, Canada. It'll be freezing cold, but despite of this I promise to write, take lots of pictures, and tell you al the little fascinating stories of everyday life that might show up around here. The experience seems to be quite different of whatever I have done before: living the american uni experience, traveling around the area, meeting the locals etc.

To begin with, a small intro to Montréal. It is quite a curious city, I must say. A blend between northern american style, a hipster culture with a french touch. Obviously it is not comparable to the great cities in Europe, mainly because there isn't such urbanization at this side of the pond (excepting some cities, Buenos Aires I still remember you). Nevertheless I consider this city as beautiful, in a different way, not as some opinions that have argued the opposite. Some neighborhoods are very warm and welcoming, downtown is full of high buildings, which by the way, don't overpass the heigh of the cross put up at the top of Mont Royal. This is because of the promise of Paul Chomedey de Maissonneuve, founder of the city, which stated that he would raise a cross to the Virgin if she avoided the catastrophic flooding of the river St. Laurent take over the settlement.

The most youthful neighborhood is Plateau, with a literary cafe or live music in every corner, it is placed between the jewish district and a portuguese settlement of Montréal. It turns out that the portuguese are expert emigrants, I found them in Macao, and they are again my neighbors here in Canada. You'll never say no to a portuguese fish dish whenever you're feeling homesick, it's the most similar thing I can get to spanish food. Although, last Sunday we tried out cooking a proper paella. What a mess!

Not many pictures for now. But this weekend we're planning to go to Tadoussac to do something that… I won't be telling you until I have all of the pictures edited and ready to be published!

Greetings from 14 boulevard St Joseph Ouest.


Este año la aventura del blog se traslada a Montréal, en Canadá. Hará frío, mucho frío. Pero prometo escribir, hacer fotos, y contaros las pequeñas historias del día a día que vayan apareciendo por el camino. Eso sí, la experiencia será diferente a cualquier otra que haya tenido, vivir un campus a lo americano, viajar por la zona, conocer a la gente de por aquí etc.

Por ahora, una pequeña introducción de Montréal. Es una ciudad bastante curiosa he de decir. Una mezcla entre lo norteamericano y una cultura una tanto "hipster" con un toque francés. Obviamente, no es comparable a las grandes ciudades europeas, porque no existe ese tipo de urbanización a este lado del charco (exceptuando algunas ciudades, Buenos Aires aún me acuerdo de ti). Sin embargo, no considero que sea una ciudad poco bonita, como me lo habían descrito algunas opiniones. Algunos barrios son acogedores, el downtown tiene sus rascacielos, que por cierto, no sobrepasan jamás en altura a la cruz que hay clavada en la cima del Mont Royal, debido a la promesa de Paul Chomedey de Maissonneuve, el fundador de la ciudad, de erigir una cruz a la Virgen si evitaba que el asentamiento (actualmente Montréal) no se inundara tras los catastróficos desbordamientos del río St. Laurent.

El barrio con más vida juvenil es Plateau, con un café literario o música en vivo en cada esquina, se encuentra entre los barrios judíos y el asentamiento portugués de Montréal. Resulta que los portugueses son expertos emigrantes, me los encontré en Macao, y también aquí van a ser mis vecinos. Nunca viene mal un pescaito portugués para cuando hay morriña de casa, ya que comida española más bien poca. Aunque el domingo pasado ya nos aventuramos a elaborar una paella como Dios manda, ¡y menudo follón!

Por ahora pocas fotos he podido hacer. Este fin de semana, iremos de excursión a Tadoussac a hacer algo que… ¡no os pienso contar hasta que tenga las fotos bien editadas y listas para publicar!

Saludos desde 14 boulevard St Joseph Ouest.


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Born in Madrid, Spain, around the early nineties, and currently living more or less abroad whenever I get the chance. My name is María, student of Spanish and Communication Studies by the Universidad de Navarra, in Pamplona (the city of San Fermines), Spain. I had the fortune of having well traveled parents, that always encouraged me to do so. And here I am, writing for Kiss of the World to let you see what I see during my trips. Traveling makes you see, seeing makes you think, think... Think makes you see

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