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Alone on the open road

When I set out to take a road trip across Canada, by myself, people had many opinions. There was this overlying theme of people assuming that I would be lonely, and that I would prefer to have someone with me. And now don't get me wrong, when my dad joined me for part of my drive, it was nice to have him there. But not because I needed the company, I really didn't, more just to be able to spend time with him since I am moving out of country, again. To be honest, I could have easily done this whole 3+ week trip all alone and been perfectly fine.

Now driving alone for 3+ weeks, alone, across the country, may not be everyone's cup of tea, and I totally understand that. It's hard to be left alone for hours, in a car, with nothing to do but drive. But I love it. I can't really describe why I enjoy driving so much, but I actually prefer to be the driver than be driven around. I enjoy being behind the wheel.

Here's the reasons why…

As a person who enjoys the art of photography, it's nice to be able to stop whenever you want, and get out of your car and take pictures. Not worry about stopping too suddenly and the passenger being startled, or hitting their heads. You see something, albeit depends on traffic behind you as well, and you can just stop. You don't have to worry about stopping too much or too little, it is all dependent on what you want to do and see. You'd think I would prefer to have someone with me, in order to have someone take pictures of me, but I have mastered the art of tripod selfies. I just set up my camera on my tripod and put the timer on and take the picture. It's actually much better this way, as you get to line up your picture exactly the way you want and don't offend anyone by turning down their offers to take the pictures when you really want to take it yourself.

Another thing I enjoy about driving alone, is music selection. You don't have to worry about a passenger not enjoying the same music as you. If you want to play the same song five times in a row, you can. If you want to play a song by Taylor Swift and follow it with a song by Dashboard Confessional, and singalong as loud as you can, you don't have to worry about being judged or annoying another person. No one can hear you, sing to your heart's content.

And really in the end, the thing I like the most about driving alone, is the time to yourself. As someone who is very comfortable in my own skin and happy with myself, it is easy to spend hours on end alone. We spend so much time with other people. We work with people. We socialize with peers/friends all the time. Eventually we are in relationships where we move in and spend all our time with one another. We truly take for granted those opportunities to just spend time with ourselves. And doing a road trip alone has made me realize this even more. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying my own company on the open road for days.

If you have the time, and the chance, try taking a road trip alone. It is rather enjoyable if you let it be.


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I started my life out in a city just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, migrating to Australia after I got my degree, in order to get a graduate diploma in Education. I am a qualified teacher, who travels the world chasing the teaching jobs I find. Previously having taught at an international school in Thailand, I just finished a school year in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. After the school year ended, I have been on an epic road trip from Whitehorse to Halifax, eventually will be headed back to Toronto area, before I take off again to teach at an international school in the Marshall Islands. My passion for traveling and teaching leads me to teach wherever I can enjoy the ability to do what I love and adventure around a nd experience new cultures in the meantime.

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