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The philosophy button

Let's see if I can describe this next post without falling into clichés and "marketiziced" phrases. To say that "Canada will make you fall in love" sounds a bit as an ad promoting the country. Mmm no, that's not what I want. What I want to convey is something simpler, a less mediated sensation.

It may be easier if I simply describe the weekend in Oka National Park. Some friends and I went there with the Association of Outdoor Activities (yes, here we even have students associations for this kind of thing). One hour away from Montréal is Oka National Park, a small shelter for anyone who likes to go camping and feel at ease in the forest. Literally, feel at ease, because although it is not a huge park, it has its hikes and glades in which you find yourself all alone.

Upon arrival we went to the St. Laurent river beach. Lying on the sand and laughing about nonsense, suddenly a sympathetic character stepped in. It was a fox, who fearlessly approached the group. Hesitant, not wanting to run away, but keeping distance. The closest I got to him is what the photo shows. It was beautiful, and to see it surrounded by such an environment, with the beach, the river, and a sickly sweet sunset was a gift and a memory of those that remain.

Occasionally you have to escape to no man's land, to retrace your footsteps and rethink them well. Yes, in the end this post ended up being something like " Ode to Life Retreat in Canada." I can not help to switch on the philosophy button.



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Born in Madrid, Spain, around the early nineties, and currently living more or less abroad whenever I get the chance. My name is María, student of Spanish and Communication Studies by the Universidad de Navarra, in Pamplona (the city of San Fermines), Spain. I had the fortune of having well traveled parents, that always encouraged me to do so. And here I am, writing for Kiss of the World to let you see what I see during my trips. Traveling makes you see, seeing makes you think, think... Think makes you see

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