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Learning to surf in Tamarindo

I came to Tamarindo nearly 13 years ago before most of it even existed. For this trip, I was young, with little experience, and traveling with my family.

Little did I know that I would make a vow that would change my life forever. I vowed to come back to explore Costa Rica and see all the beauty it has to offer.

Fast forward to 2014 and I made my first trip back for one month with my girl friend Kaitlyn.

I never dreamed of being a surfer but I always wondered what it would be like and longed to try it out. Like most, surfing was on my “bucket list”.

When we arrived in Tamarindo we sourced out the best place to learn to surf and booked our first lesson with them.

Before our lesson started we spent 30 minutes on the beach learning the proper technique and surf etiquette.

After that we hit the waves! I was one of the lucky ones that get up on their first try. Kaitlyn took 4 attempts and then she caught her first wave. We have never been so proud of each other before in our entire life. We set out to do something that we only dreamed of and accomplished it in such a short amount of time.

After the lesson was complete we could barely move our arms. We brought the surf boards back and parted ways with our surf instructor. Since then we have taken about 10 more lessons and continue to come back to surf year after year.


Profile photo of Byron Dwyer

I have been working in the tourism industry for 12 years and have been traveling with my girl friend Kaitlyn for a few years now. We do a lot of amazing things in Costa Rica but are currently traveling else where.

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