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Motovun Croatia

Hilltop villages in Croatia

There are many different hilltop villages around Croatia, they are small medieval villages with lots of charm. Among these hilltop villages is Motovun. Motovun is a beautiful little gem in Croatia that has a lot to offer. I spent two months in Motovun and was able to discover the best attractions it has to offer.

Truffle Tasting

I had never tasted truffles before Motovun. Motovuns forest is one of the top places to find truffles in the world. At night you can hear the truffle dogs in the woods looking for the precious mushrooms. In town most shops that sell truffles have free truffle, olive oil, and honey tasting. It is a great thing to try.


There is a paragliding company in Motovun where you can go tandem paragliding. Tandem paragliding is where you fly with a professional who does all the steering. It is a great way to paraglide for the first time.

Sunset And Sunrise

I loved strolling the streets of Motovun during sunrise and sunset. It was so beautiful with the golden light on the village. You can walk around and get many beautiful photos that captures Motovun wonderfully.


The restaurant Pod Voltom is INCREDIBLE. The truffle pasta and Istrian beef steak were both fabulous and something well worth trying. This restaurant has seating inside as well as seating outside with a beautiful view.

So there are some of my top recommendations for Motovun Croatia. It is such a beautiful place with nice people, great food, stunning views, and delicious truffles. Make sure that you visit Motovun, because it is amazing!



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