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3 days in Prague

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and it is a beautiful city when there is sun and also when it is raining. I got to see it the both ways, with wet asphalt and hot too. We stayed at a friend’s place; David and we could enjoy Prague that way. The night we arrived we went for a walk to the city. What I thought it was going to be a small night walk turned out to be a night tour of Prague. There are two ways to see a city; at day time and at night. And Prague is one that deserves hours of no sleep… at that “night tour” we went to a traditional restaurant and we ate typical czech food, and of course, we drank czech beer, we went to see the great Czech National Museum that emerges stunning and vigilant. We saw the statue of a man on horseback (King Wenceslas) at the Wenceslas square. We proceeded to Old Town and walked it completely. We saw the astronomical clock and it was almost midnight so we hoped to see the puppets that run every hour. That time they didn’t come out. Then we went to the Charles Bridge and saw in the distance the illuminated palace. But there are more things to see in Prague and those we saw day time, with the sun. We walked around town to see the “dancing house” it king of disappointed me … I expected something more interesting and maybe my expectations were too big, so I got disappointed. We took the cable car and went up to a park with rose garden and a tower where you can see the whole city, I think it’s the best view of it. Then we went to the palace and the cathedral but it was closed.

That night we went to a park and drank some beer looking at the palace from the far. Something really bizarre about Prague is a tower with babies climbing on it. It is at the other side of downtown (and that is good because it will completely ruin the aesthetic beauty of it) but if you have time you can go see it.

There is also an interesting jew cemetery, with tombstones all piled together, it kind of look like some set from Scooby Doo.

A peculiarity of Prague is that in different parts of the city’s there are public pianos and anyone can stop and play a piece. I saw a young man played with soul and having fun as he did, when he ended you heard applauses, he stood up, smiled and left. I liked watching him play … Other people who play well get there and ask for money, but I think-although it is a good idea-it isn’t the purpose and at the end of the same piece loses the value… You play for money and not for pleasure.

We also went to Staropramen brewery which was interesting and we got to taste many different kind of beers. All delicious. We got a little dizzy, I guess.

But hey, Prague… I think many people goes there because it’s cheap, yes, it is much cheaper compared to other European cities, but it is also it is worth more for its beauty than it’s price. Being in Prague is entering a fairytale book, the streets take you to another era and you do not want to go back to yours.


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My name is Daniela, I am from the southeast of Mexico. A place called Tabasco and -like the sauce- it is a hot place. I love growing up here but I also love to see different places. I lived for one year in South Korea for studies and while I was there I manage to visit other countries as fantastic as the one I am from and the one I was living at the moment. Now, I am back in Mexico trying my luck in the "job world" but every time I can I pack my bags and fly.

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