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A weekend in Prague with a toddler

You've wondered about where to go in Europe with a toddler. Let me tell you, you can now add Prague as a great destination to your list.

Why Prague?

It's easy to get to from many European destinations.

The majority of people speak English, which is always a plus when you travel with kids in case things go array.

You can find many family friendly places to sleep and eat.

It's mostly flat, so walking is easy.

What to do with a toddler in Prague?

Toddlers are fussy and have a very short attention span, so looking at the inside of castles is very boring to them (sorry Mom and Dad) – so instead why not get on a boat.

Boats are a great way to make sightseeing fun, as it's not often the case you find yourself floating along a river now is it?

There are many choices in Prague for boats trips, but the best one for your toddler – and other kids is the River Canal Boat Trip. Mostly cause it's just 45 minutes, not too long for your little ones to get board yet long enough that your guide aboard the boat can tell you some facts about the wonderful city that is Prague. But, the best part is you get snacks included in your ticket price. Beer or Tea for Mom and Dad and Lemonade for the kid. Oh, and ice-cream and gingerbread.

The three of us had a brilliant time, even though it was raining – we were warm and dry.

Try it for yourself, I bet your kids will love it too.


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I am a Mum & wife, now expatriate.I packed up my very typical Australian life in May 2013 and shifted it along with my Croatian Husband and Son to rebuild the old house we inherited in Croatia & make it our home.I am a former finance marketing manager, who swapped the suited world of banking in Australia for the sunny seaside in rural Croatia. I blog about my experience as an expat, a home builder, a Mum & traveller. I have a connection with Croatia, although not Croatian myself, I feel very at home here. I do hope that my blog inspires others to dare to dream, and take the almightily plunge to fulfill those dreams.You can read more about me, and my family at

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