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Trója Chateau: A Top Sight in Prague

You do not have to travel outside of Prague to visit a captivating chateau as one of the most underrated sights in the capital city is Trója Chateau. Both the exterior and interior of this Baroque masterpiece influenced by Roman villas dazzle, and the French garden is bewitching.

In an unconventional design, the main entrance faces the garden. The statuary on the staircase leading to the front doors features the glorious gods defeating the Titans. Hercules, Pallas Athena and Jupiter are a few of the main players. Ornamentation on the lavish façade includes grapes and the heads of rabbits. Busts of emperors, fountains and terracotta vases are sprinkled throughout the garden, a perfect place to linger on a warm spring or summer day.

The interior does not disappoint, either. The most stunning space is the Habsburg Hall with its array of wall and ceiling frescoes in a captivating tromp d’oeil manner. Illusionary paintings appear to be statues and reliefs. The whirling ceiling fresco shows off the Christians defeating the Turks. Reliefs of Habsburg emperors and Spanish kings decorate the ornate space, too. Take note of the Turk who seems to be flying through the air. Justice celebrates triumph over Injustice while defeated Vice, Folly, Egoism and Avarice are huddled around a fireplace.

Yet this is not the only room that will delight visitors. Several spaces boast a Chinese motif with superb wall and ceiling frescoes that show off exotic birds, a rocky landscape, a river, boats and bridges, for example.

The chapel with its Black Madonna is another highlight. A crowned Virgin Mary and Child and large paintings of Christ’s last hours alive are sure to impress.

Remarkable landscape paintings from Classicism to Modernism, rendered by prominent Czech painters, also grace the walls of this Baroque wonder. The breathtaking creations of Antonín Hudeček and Václav Špála amaze.

English-speaking visitors are given a text to peruse as the tours are usually conducted in Czech. The exhibits have English descriptions as well. There is more to explore in Prague seven’s Trója district, too. The zoo is across the street, and the botanical gardens are only a short walk away. A bus from the Holešovice Metro station stops across from the chateau.


Profile photo of Tracy A. Burns

A resident of Prague since 1991, Tracy A. Burns has published articles and stories in English, Czech and Slovak. Her work in English has appeared in The Washington Post, for instance. Her travel blog is at She also writes book reviews and essays for the Czech and Slovak academic journal Kosmas. Her writings in Czech have been published in Reflex and Listy, among others. Her articles in Slovak have been printed in SME, for example. She has edited an art catalogue for Prague's National Gallery and is a contributing author to the book The Arena Adventure, about Arena Stage theatre. Her passions are writing, reading and traveling.

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