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Rømø – silent neighbour of Sylt

Spring in Denmark? Most may expect rainy, stormy and cold weather. Well I was on Rømø in April and it was loveley.(sun)

Rømø is next to German Island Sylt which is known for luxury goods and rich people. Rømø is much more to relax. A lot of families and simple people. Less houses more nature. There are only 594 inhabitants (source: Wikipedia) but much more holidayhouses. There are many sand dunes and beautiful beaches.

As there is the the Wadden Sea you can watch the water coming closer and going back again on the beach. Sometimes the beach is about 4km wide. So you can rund and run or fly a kite. This is very popular there and more than enough space to try different models of kites. (I only have a small one but as I am not very good at flying such a thing it is better that there are no people close to me. ) The most beaches are that wide that you can drive with your car on them to come closer to the sea. (I am not sure if I would like this in summer, lying on the beach, a car next to me…)

We have also visited Ribe, which is very close to Rømø but on the continent. It was about 30 minutes away. Ribe is the oldest town of Denmark. A small city with loveley old houses and historical city centre. I can only recommend everyone to go there and go for a walk through the narrow alleys.

Rømø has its own habour in Havneby. You go use the ferry and go to Sylt. Every two hours there is a ferry from Haveny to Sylt. After 40 minutes you will arrive at List, the northern part of Sylt. You need a bike or you have to buy a bus ticket to see more of the Island and you should plan a whole day to visit Sylt.

If you need a time out, nature to explore and lovely people around you, you should visit Rømø.



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My name is Julia and I am from the lovely german area "Ruhrgebiet", near Dortmund. I love travelling and photography. So my blogposts are not only written but also ful of photos.

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