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Rafting in Jarabacoa

The rafting has existed for centuries.

Whereas cross rivers has always been a need, the first rafting was done by fishermen and hunters, who were transported across rivers, using logs of wood tied together.

In 1842, Charles Fremont, organized the first rafting expedition on the Platte River in USA. In the 70s of last century, the rafting was included as a recreational sport in the Olympic Games in Munich.

In America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina stand out as having rivers used for rafting.

Rafting is an extreme sport, but it can be recreational, depending on the degree of difficulty with which it is practiced.

It consists of sliding down the river on a boat, a raft, canoe or kayak. The difference between one type of boat and the other is the ability of it. Regularly in rivers where rafting is practiced, have some degree of turbulence.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, rafting is divided into categories ranging from beginner to expert.

In the Dominican Republic people can practice rafting without being experts. The North Yake river in Jarabacoa, is ideal for this, and if you look for an organized an excursion,

Rancho Baiguate in Jarabacoa, the best choice. They have professional guides that will help you live this experience safe and fun. They pick you up to your hotel and take it to enjoy the activity, which begins at a certain point the river Yake. The tour includes a stop for a snack, see the stunts that make some of the guides and enjoy a refreshing swim in the river and the beautiful scenery. I goy surprised to see groups of youth, adults and families participating in this activity. The rafting can be practiced by children 8 years (check the age requirement before booking).

It is recommendable to wear mountain weather clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses (optional). Also appropriate footwear, such as waterproof shoes.

Get brave and enjoy this adventure!

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Mi nombre es Criseida Carrasco. Soy hotelera, con más de 12 años de experiencia en el medio de la Hotelería y Turismo. He trabajado en hoteles como el JW Marriott, Hilton, y en la compañía de cruceros Royal Caribbean International. He trabajado en Venezuela, mi lugar de nacimiento, en República Dominicana, y como Oficial de RRPP de Royal Caribbean International, he recorrido casi todo el Caribe, América y parte de Europa.TuristeandoAndo lleva a sus lectores a todos los lugares que he visitado.

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