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Want To Move Internationally Too?!

I was born and raised on the West Coast of the United States. The American way of life and how to go about living is installed in me, as it is in every American. A stereotype is formed about Americans and is installed in us at an early age to have that ideal life… the college education, the good paying job, a spouse and kids to match. When I travel internationally I see a different kind of way that people live by, it’s refreshing. Money not being the main motivating factor in everyone’s daily life and enjoying family, friends and the little moments that life has to present to one’s self. The simpler life is appealing and taking the time to appreciate life and what it has to offer is something I want to seek throughout my own life. Moving internationally is something I would pursue to try to break away from this American mold and experience something new.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be an American and have the opportunities that I have in the States, but what I dislike are the stereotypes, demands, and expectations that goes along with being raised and living in America and what seems to be the requirements that society has labeled in order to be successful and have a happy life. Expected to go to college, be married and have kids at a certain age, being financially and career sound in my later years and retired with a house filled with my grandchildren running around are just some of the expectations. Such a competitive nature takes place in obtaining one’s status in society. Whether it’s getting accepted into grad-school, obtaining a high paying position at a firm or even something as small as little league are some examples of the high competitive nature in America and that being the best is always expected. Greed and money are the main driving factors as to why most people get up each morning and strive for acceptance. Now I know America isn’t the only place where a competitive nature has a strong influence. Places like China and Japan are as bad if not worse, especially when it comes to academic achievements among young people. I view life differently as to what is important and what should really matter and so I tend to go against the grain. Though I am competitive by nature, I seek a life where the atmosphere isn’t so competitive and judgmental on someone’s status in society. I want to seek a culture that has a different outlook on how to live and praises those moments that enriches one’s life. To enjoy life rather than it be a never ending rivalry amongst others. To move internationally is something that appeals to me, to soak up a new way of life. I don’t want the pressures of fulfilling a certain prospect and being that statistic in the American society.

There is a conference being held in Quito, Ecuador in February of next year, here is a link for more information to this conference ( This conference caters to foreigners who seek to live internationally in Ecuador and answers questions such as how to open up an Ecuadorian bank accounts, buying properties, gaining residency, the right visas needed, healthcare and more needed information that will ease someone into moving internationally. I would love to go to this conference and learn how to go about this process in a more efficient and smarter way since I have a personal interest in Ecuador.

More people from the United States are moving internationally for various reasons, the most common being that the price of living in certain locations like Ecuador is cheaper and people who are for instance retired can live longer and more comfortably on their savings. Here is a link to the Top Ten Best Foreign Countries for Retirement 2013 ( Though this conference that is being held in Ecuador is orientated for only Ecuador, International Living also holds other conferences for various locations around the world for other destinations that maybe of interest to other foreigners. Here is a link to the Ten Most Desired Countries to Settle at in 2013 (

I believe visiting or living somewhere different from your homeland opens up one’s mind and point of view and makes you more accepting of different kinds of cultures and customs. Pushing through the fear of being and living somewhere unknown and different. It can also can be rewarding and an experience worth seeking. It may enrich your life and fulfill it to a degree that you may never have anticipated. To me, the curiosity is strong to live internationally and worth seeking one day in the future.


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My name is Mauri Fabio and I live in Portland, OR. I love being outdoors and traveling to various locations. I even got my geology degree from the University of Hawai`i because I wanted a degree that would allow me to travel and be outdoors. I enjoy everything there is about traveling. The unknown directions a trip can quickly take, making friendships with new people, and the endless adventures there always seem to find me. Visiting new areas of the world gives me something to look forward to in my life. I think constantly about where the next destination is that I want to trek through and the adventures that may await me. So far I have traveled to Beijing and visited the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, endless temples and eaten foods that westerners would cringe at the sight of. I've roamed through Perú and Ecuador and stayed in various hostels, camped out in the Amazon rainforest and drove up the Ecuadorian Coast with no clue where we were going just as long as the ocean stays on our left side. I explored The Galapagos Islands and seen abundant wildlife, undertook horrid sea trips to different islands and army crawled through pitch black lava tubes. I've live in Hawai`i and explored the places to go and what the best things are to do, of course on a cheap budget. These journeys are only a fraction of the adventures I'd like to share with you and I have so much more planned for the near future. During my travels I quickly learned that stepping completely out of my comfort zone and into other people's worlds is the most satisfying way to explore.

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