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Polar nights, ice fishing and snowmobiles in Lapland

The polar nights and Northern Lights ensure that you will have an experience seen only in Lapland, and the winter is also full of things to do. The thing we Finns love to do is ice fishing, which is really fishing on ice. You don’t always catch a fish, but that’s not always important. The main point is… eh, you have to try it yourself.

Ice fishing is easy to start

You need an ice fishing rod, an ice-drill, baits, warm clothes and, if the sun is shining, sunglasses. Of course, also a frozen lake or river. The most common catch is perch. The other common species are whitefish, grayling, brown trout, arctic char and pike.

At the time of the polar nights, the sun won´t rise above the horizon. So usually this is not the best time of the year to go ice fishing, though if you´re very lucky you can still catch the moon.

When the weather is good, fishing is like a picnic on ice. Ice fishing can be peaceful and serene…but if you have a beagle, then it’s anything but. Your catch won´t always be a big one, but who cares if the sun is shining.

The easiest way to go ice fishing in Lapland is to use a local guide. My friends Juha and Outi have a charming bed & breakfast called B&B Northern Lights Inari next to Lake Inari. It is an excellent base camp for trips to the northern wilderness. They can organize all kind of nature activities and make your trip as ready-made as you want. Flying is the easiest way to get to Inari: there’s an airport at Ivalo where they can pick you up.



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Experiences from Scandinavia worth to share.

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