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South of France

This is probably no news for most of you, but it rains in London. It rains a lot. And if it's not raining, it's cloudy. So, like any respectable London resident who would like to get some vitamin D from time to time, you take any chance you get to travel to much sunnier destinations. One such opportunity arose when Bertrand's parents rented a house in the South of France, with a pool, and invited the whole family. How to say no to that?

So off we went for 11 days of (extreme) sun, pool time, pure relaxation and disconnection. Of course we didn't do only that, although we could have. We also discovered a bit the region, went to visit caves, cute little villages, did some canoe and wine tastings.

Of course we took advantage of the nice surroundings to shoot. During the day, the light is too harsh and the weather too hot to go outside and shoot, so we took our photos in the evening, just before sunset, during the "golden hour" and below are the results :).

On my never-ending bucket list, I had penciled visiting the lavender fields in France, so I got super excited about the prospect, only that the season was over by the time we arrived. On the bright side the sunflowers' season was not over yet so we could shoot and I think the result is not bad at all. Ahh, and about the lavender fields, I will tell you a little secret. You can actually find them near London. Ha, who would have thought! More about that in a future post.

Must do in Ardèche:

Wine tasting. We went to both a more commercial and a more traditional wine tasting. I enjoyed both, but the traditional one won my heart. We had a lovely 85-year-old lady host who just made the experience one of the highlights of the trip.

Canoe. Yep, down the Ardèche river, all the way down to Pont d'Arc. If it's not that sunny, it can be a great experience, and if you are in a group, it's even better.

Stroll. If you have been reading my posts, you know by now that I LOVE to stroll. So… I recommend taking loooong strolls! The scenery is too beautiful not to. Just do it in the morning or in the evening, otherwise it's far too hot!

Buy local fruits and vegetables. They taste like real fruits and vegetables. And buy bread, it is THE best.

Have a picnic by the river. Find a nice spot, not too crowded, eat, swim, sunbathe, eat. It does't get better than that.

Visit the cute little vilages around. We went to Aiguéze for an evening stroll and a photoshoot and really enjoyed the place. And their ice-cream is not bad :).





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New travel, food and fashion blogger. Currently planning a tour of South America, departing in November.Interested in all things beautiful and very excited to see the world.

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