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Le Parc Astérix – fun for all

Finally, I’d say, it was time for us to check out the Asterix Park in Paris! During all of our annual visits to Paris throughout my childhood, we’ve always hurried into the mesmerizing world of Disney and barely even considered anything else. Apparently we’ve been missing out on loads of fun!

Approaching the enormous parking lot at the Asterix Park, we began to dread the moment we’d leave the car and the awaiting heatwave would hit us. Paris is SO HOT these days…. “Is the park full of people today?” we asked the guy working in the parking lot. The reply was: “Nah, there are not so many here today… probably only seven out of our usual ten thousand”. We did not think that sounded empty, but were at least happy it meant we had to spend less time waiting in line! A fast pass would not be necessary today. And we were right! Well, if you count out all the water attractions. My sister and I spent one whole hour waiting in line for an attraction that would soak us and finally cool us down. And it was so worth it.

Well, I must admit that I am really afraid of everything that goes too fast and everything that turns upside down! So of course, amusement parks are not really my thing… but I still love to go, because I think the ambiance is fantastic! And really, I don’t mind waiting while my friends are taking deadly/awesome rides… Anyways, this is why I can really say that I enjoyed my stay at the Asterix Park. They apparently care about the scared ones, and had a lot of other fun things to do! Less adrenaline perhaps, but just as fun! ♥ This is a great park for families, because there's loads of things to do for everyone.



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Sara, 19, NorwayI love traveling because discovering new places and cultures gives me the feeling of living in the NOW.

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