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You Can Go Back Again

I recently saw a commercial for a travel company implying that people who visit the same place multiple times are boring. They encouraged you to go someplace new. While I agree that going to new places is always a thrill, I have to argue that there's nothing wrong with revisiting places. Particularly with big cities, like New York or London, you usually spend your first trip visiting all the "must-see" attractions. You can't exactly skip them, as they're iconic. So it's usually on repeat visits that you can get a better appreciation of a city.

For example, I've been to Paris a few times. My first time, I stayed in a hostel with some friends, and it was a pretty crazy – but fun! – experience. We saw all the major museums and the Eiffel Tower. My next visit, I stayed in a more upscale neighborhood, skipped the Mona Lisa but saw the Eiffel Tower again, and spent most of my time shopping – because, this time around, I actually had some money. My most recent visit, I was in Paris for a work event. I stayed in the Latin Quarter, and enjoyed pretending like I lived in the city, riding the metro to work, eating at the neighborhood cafes, and finding time to shop at local boutiques.

With one free day before returning home from my work event, I decided to visit the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, just a little over an hour outside of Paris. Strolling around the grounds, I was in awe of the beauty of his gardens. It was like his paintings came to life before my eyes. If I had only one visit to Paris, I would have never taken the time for this day trip. There is just so much to see in the city itself. In fact, there are still many famous landmarks in Paris I have yet to see. On the next visit, I hope.



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I run a business full-time, but travel is my passion and travel blogging keeps me connected to this passion. My love of travel came from my father, a road trip wanderer who was an expert on finding every historical marker on highways and side roads.My sister and I are polar opposites, but took a trip to Ireland together when we were 20 and 23, and had so much fun that The Travel Adventures of the Amott Sisters was born.With the ups and downs of life, I strive to find as much joy in the local as in the exotic. Our latest adventure is the addition of my baby nephew to our travel team. But add on a car seat, and the journey continues.

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