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How to Fit 5 Years of Your Life Into a Suitcase…

I recently moved from my beloved "iLoveyou/iHateyou" home France.

After 5 long glorious years, everything came to a standstill then it all came crashing down.

I had the daunting task of packing up my life and putting it in a suitcase…

So how does one fit 5 years of life into a [tiny] 20kg suitcase you may ask?

Throw it all away. Everything.

Seriously. *sigh*

And prepare for disaster.

To top it off, I – Collector of ALL things – decided that I would eschew my option of TWO checked bags for just one. I dunno what came over me.

My German friend asked if I was on some kinda "spiritual minimalism" bullshyte with this "one suitcase" mantra I was chanting the week before I left. He sat in awe (confusion?) and wondered wat di ass was going on with me. I'm pretty sure he decided at that very moment that I was officially the craziest. He was kind though, he attempted to offer me sane advice…buuuut I was not having it!

Nope. Minimalism all tha way!

With that mantra, I made FOUR trips to the Charity Relais…I filled up an entire dropoff box thingymajic of clothes. I threw out 5 garbage bags of more clothes. And I enlisted the help of my waaaaay more organised friend to help me declutter.

And with all of that, I STILL left an almost fully furnished apartment for the next renter.

Oy vey!

I finally succumbed to proper German advice and checked my hand luggage as my second suitcase at the airport.

The Takeaway? Always listen to Germans. Hahahaha, I kid…

But seriously, I learnt a few things about travelling and prioritising from this nightmare adventure:

1. You don't need so much stuff. Really, you don't.

Let me be the first to say that I love my stuff. But I realised that all of it is just Noise. Do I really need a second pair of black shoes? Or a third blazer? Or the myriad of tops I almost never wear? No, I don't. And you don't either.

After finally fitting everything into 2 suitcases, I left even more stuff behind in Jamaica when I moved [again] to Colombia ← Blog coming soon.

It's lightweight and freeing. Plus it leaves more space to buy more stuff 😉 Kidding!

2. Moving is so easy now!

Packing and unpacking is now a 1 hour affair *tee-hee* Need I say more?

3. The Experience is what really matters.

Your memories (and a few pictures), special events, friendships formed and how they've all changed you are what really counts towards your happiness and well-being. This is all you need to fit in your suitcase.

So forget all the baggage and extra stuff…throw it all away!

Could you do it?


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I'm just a Jamaican who moved to France on a whim, then moved to India and got in touch with herself, then moved to Colombia to start a new chapter. This sums up the countries I've lived in so far, with many more stops in between. I travel because I come alive in new places surrounded by locals and their culture. I am constantly rediscovering myself and learning about this wonderful earth we call home. For me, Travel is the best gift you can give yourself. I am a 28 year old Masters graduate in International Management and Communication. My friends call me the "sweet, crazy, yet practical girl." I speak English, French and Spanish. My mantra is "Live your life, Love your skin, Rock you r hair!"

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