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How to sell typical products in Germany - Case Study Girogusto - Italian Food Fair in Berlin - Salumificio Sorrentino - Italy - Travel and People Magazine

How to sell typical products in Germany – Italian Food Fair in Berlin

How to sell typical products in Germany – Case Study: Girogusto

In recent years, Fabio has developed a new project, together with Adriano Vinci and this project has taken the name of Girogusto. I’m talking precisely of a project that has the mission to join:

  • manufacturers of typical Italian food and food products,
  • restaurateurs in Germany,
  • food buyers in Germany for organized distribution,
  • importers,
  • Italian food stores in Germany and Berlin,
  • and all those who work in this area and who want to find some business opportunity.

The project takes place through a website, a digital magazine and events. The combination of these elements is, in my view, complete and iss going to really enable the knowledge of an Italian company in Germany.

Food Fair in Berlin

German producers and restaurateurs met on the weekend of November 2017, 11th and 12th  in Berlin. Occasion of the meeting was Girogusto, fair targeting buyers, importers, wholesalers and restaurateurs.

Around 600, from all over Germany, from Berlin to Hanover, passing through Hamburg. The guests met in the suggestive Britz Castle, set up to offer a spacious and convivial atmosphere, in line with a fair dedicated to food.

Many of the leading and renowned brands, such as:

  • Franciacorta wineries of Lantieri,
  • Prosecco di Val d’Oca,
  • Pierpaolo Pecora,
  • Bertagnolli and Fattori,
  • or Sorrentino and Levoni for salami,
  • and also young realities as Nastro d’Oro.

Also pizza was there, with a dedicated to a corner with a lots of performances and exhibitions of new recipes with Umberto Napolitano, one of the most famous and award-winning Masters Pizza Chefs of Pizza Schule Deutschland.

Italy, with all its flavors, was then found in the lardiata of the Neapolitan cooker Stefania Impacciato, she was the one who introduced the pork cheek of Levoni, the Parmesan cheese and the tomatoes of Trivere. Fundamental for a lardiata with all senses.

The event was useful not only to feel the goodness of Italy under the palate, but also to present the number zero of the magazine Girogusto.

Food Fair Numbers

Here are some numbers of the first event in Berlin:

  • 600 wholesalers, buyers, restaurateurs who participated
  • 200 Wines Tasted
  • 39 Italian companies.

In short, the Berlin meeting confirmed the importance of Girogusto, which helps to make Italian excellence in the food industry known abroad.

A visibility that facilitates trade agreements, allows increasing orders and creating new synergies, like the one between Fraccaro and Nastro d’oro that allowed the marketing of Panettone to Limoncello.

For this reason the appointments of Girogusto project – continue to go around Germany.

Next stop: Hamburg, then the German tour will be repeated in 2018.

    Food Fair - Italian Food Fair - Berlin 2017 Berlin 2017 - Food Fair - Italian Food Fair Grana Padano Saviola - Italy - Food Fair in Berlin 2017 Girogusto - Magazine - Italian Food Fair - Berlin Food Fair - Berlin - Girogusto Balsamic Winegar of Modena - Food Fair in Berlin -Aceto Balsamico di Modena - Villa ostense Italian Food Fair - Berlin - Salumificio Sorrentino - Italy Girogusto - Food Fair - Italian Food Fair in Berlin



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The Vinila webshop is integrated in the company Fobo Trading GmbH Berlin. The management of Fobo Trading GmbH has a 40 years of experience in food and wine from Italy. The company Fobo Trading GmbH specializes in the distribution of these products in the gastronomy and delicatessen business with a focus on Berlin but also nationwide. The objective of Fobo Trading GmbH is to distribute constantly high-quality products at an equivalent price.

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