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5 Stunning Springtime Destinations in Germany

Germany is a land of vastness and variety. Between its great metropolitan cities and its majestic mountain ranges, there are experiences to entice every kind of traveler. Consider visiting in the spring when the weather is more pleasant and the landscapes are greener. You might even find a festival or two that’ll pique your interests.


Düsseldorf is a city of contrasts. Centuries-old architecture juxtaposed against present day wonders allude to its evolving narrative. Likewise, you’ll find a variety of lodgings to suit either taste. Bear in mind that in the spring, trees begin to sprout anew and cover the city streets and its parks in an alluring green. There’s no better time of the year to experience Düsseldorf, the capital of German state North Rhine-Westphalia. Temperate weather, interesting architecture, shopping, and an abundance of good food await you.


Gothic architecture in the form of Cologne Cathedral’s twin spires punctuates this city’s skyline. Other landmarks of antiquity rise alongside it, but don’t be fooled. Despite this declaration of architectural heritage, Cologne is surprisingly modern. Beneath the surface, find a plethora of present-day features like the Hotel Im Wasserturm. This historic water tower hides a sleek, modern interior. Other points of interest include Cologne’s trove of museums like Museum Ludwig with its large collection of post-modern art. Or take to the Botanical Gardens Flora for a stroll through its well-manicured gardens best seen in the spring.


Nicknamed for its proximity to historical Swabia, Stuttgart has developed a definitive culture of its own. The city is known for its greenery that is more plentiful than urban development. Find accommodations near one of these inviting outdoor spaces. The annual Spring Festival attracts nearly 2 million visitors to its 106-acre Cannstatter Wasen. Additionally, the “Swabia Metropolis” boasts headquarters and museums for Mercedes-Benz and Porche— an ideal destination for any car enthusiast. Also, consider that Stuttgart is adjacent to some of Germany’s largest wine-growing regions. Road trip and wine tasting, anyone?


A visit to this Bavarian city might just leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into a medieval storybook. Cobbled streets, rows of colorful Tudor houses, and even castles create a fairytale-like atmosphere in Nuremberg. As its architecture suggests, this city is steeped in history. Find museums and landmarks representative of various time periods including those significant to WWII. A visit to Nuremberg is living history. Complete your travels with a stay at one of the area’s enticing hotels, Le Méridien Grand Hotel. If you vacation in the spring, make time for the Nürnberger Volksfest, a large festival featuring amusement rides, performances, beer, and food.


Old and new meet harmoniously in this North Germany town. It’s evident everywhere you look. Take the Universum Science Center, designed like a steely clam shell. It’s refreshingly modern against the classic architecture of the Bremen Cathedral. The ports in Bremen are still in use today and are key contributors to the global industry. In addition to this, Bremen is home to dozens of historical museums, galleries, landmarks, and a great selection of hotels. Take advantage of the fine spring weather when Bremen becomes host to several events like the Wine Exhibition Rhineland-Palatinate.



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Although I may not be the best photographer, I believe as a writer I can equally capture the ugly, the beautiful, and the sublime. I'm a recent English graduate, a regular contributor to a local Florida magazine and a member of Lonely Planet Pathfinders. On the side, I craft creative fiction inspired by my singular experiences as a traveler, focusing on the human condition. The world is full of amazing people, places, and things, after all. Most importantly, I value cultural relativism. Without it, life experiences would not be the same.

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