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Munich outside the Oktoberfest

Munich is great to visit all year around, not only Oktoberfest.

With a long and intense history on its back, the capital of the Bavaria region is filled with history, museums and castles even if you don’t drink. To be honest, Munich is one of the preferred tourism destinies in Germany due to its modern and traditional mixture.

Start your visit to Munich with stroll around the English Garden; a beautiful park in the middle of the city. Here you can do anything from biking to a romantic row in one of the boats on the lake, and who knows, maybe you will find one of those popular nudist sunbathers during your walk.

Don’t leave the garden before watching the birthplace of river surfing at Eisbach, of course the waves are artificial, but this is a one-off sport opportunity you cannot miss! And the fun part is, it is actually forbidden to swim in the river.

If you feel inspired after watching this, why don’t you try sliding down the Bloomberg Mountain on a sledge? Make sure you control your speed or you will fly out of the lane or get bumped by the person behind you.

Feel the Olympic spirit at the OlympiaPark, the tent is consider a masterpiece of modern architecture. Don’t forget this complex held the 1972 Olympic games, an event filled with tragedy when a terrorist group executed Israeli sportsmen.

Be astonished by funky architecture of the Brandhorst Museum, a contemporary art museum really accessible to any budget, just $1 euro on Sundays. sledge

If by this point, you start feeling hungry, you should take a visit to the Viktualienmarkt (food market) and feast on the multiple Bavarian specialties: pork knuckle, smoked black forest ham and cheeses. You could also try the lesser-known Wiener Platz if you are not into crowds.

Try the vibrant beer scene at the Hofbräuhaus Brewerly, before getting your party game on at the Kunstpark, a former industrial are refurbished with bars and clubs, known for being open until after hours, I recommend Titty twister for the name creativity.

Start your new day by listening to the traditional glockenspiel chime in front of Munich’s Town Hall at 11 am, and follow it with a climb up the 306 steps of St. Peter’s Church, you will get the best view of Munich from the here.

Among the many cultural places in the center of Munich, one of the most stunning is the Munich Residenz – The biggest urban palace in Germany. The residence is beautifully decorated and worth a visit due to it’s art collection.

Go for a “driving test” at the BMW Welt, the only BMW museum in the world and where you can get an interactive glimpse of how this famous car is designed. Beware; you will need to make a reservation to visit the production plant.

Get a drink along the Leopoldstr and Ludwigstr, not only you will enjoy great food, but you will be able to chime in the sightseeing of multiple sites like the Gate of Victory

If by the end of this, you still have some time left to kill, visit the gorgeous Neuschwanstein and Ludwig II castle.


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I am an intrepid traveler, always thirsty for new experiences. A lot of this had to do with the fact I was born in a middle-class family in Mexico, and back in my youth all my travel experiences were limited to road trips within the country. In the mater of fact, I had never boarded an airplane until the age of 15th, this was also my first time outside my home country. I must say this experience changed my life, soon after I started to look for ways to pay my own adventures and go further and to least explored locations. I started playing in every single contest that would give you a trip possibility and looking for ways to study/work abroad to facilitate my wanderlust. Nowadays, I live and work in Ireland, and I have explored most of the North America and Europe. If you ask me the most memorable p laces, I have seen, I would say in a heartbeat Easter Europe. There is something about these countries that is magical, when you know all the pain they have suffered and still s

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