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My boring (not so boring) village life

I have been living in Lassia-tuolu for the past 8 months now it has been an amazing experience but sometimes it gets boring. Village life is soo fun till you're tired of it and you want to move on. Do i want to move on? ahh Yes!! partly because national service (a mandatory one year professional service you render to the government as a Ghanaian) is slowly coming to an end and also because i want to tour other regions of Ghana.

Things i like about village life

1. Cost of living is relatively lower

2. I get to ride a bicycle everyday

3. Chit chatting and the sense of community

4. No rush/no rat race lifestyle

Things i don't like

1. Going to the bore-hole for water but good muscle exercise though

2. Excessive bugs and mosquitoes

3. Inability to access petty groceries like bread

4. Sachet water, drinking water, pure water or whatever is called tastes like satan makes it.

Being a teacher, my weekdays are not that boring. I go to work during the work week ie monday-friday the real boredom starts on the weekend especially now i've read all the books some three or four times over and watched all the movies i have only internet keeps me company these days but the internet speed is approximately 2.2 seconds faster than a tortise sleeping is a better option but i'm no sleeper so will find me fruit picking or taking pictures like these


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I am a young teacher and travel blogger of Ghanaian descent who is very much committed to telling the story of Africa, i believe education goes a long way in helping people become independent thus eradicating poverty. I have a keen interest for travelling, knowledge sharing, entrepreneurship and the luxury goods market. When i'm not doing all this, you will usually find me reading a book, watching a tennis match or trying to learn a new language

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