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Tourist Site: Wechiau Hippopotamus Sancturary-Ghana

Wechiau hippopotamus sanctuary is a wild hippopotamus habitat located in the Upper west region of Ghana. Wechiau is the last town and district capital of the wa-west district in northern Ghana west Africa.

Get There

Wechiau is approximately 34 kilometres from Wa which is the capital city of the Upper west region. There is public transport going to Wechiaw from Wa everyday of the week. Private car rentals are hard to come by. Therefore it is advisable to rent a mini bus from Wa when travelling in groups. But on a solo expedition you can join the public vehicles heading there.

Accommodation/Lodging and Dinning

Accommodation: The hippo sanctuary has guest house accommodation for tourist who want to spend the night. There are clean basic rooms with fans (no air conditioning). There is no restaurant therefore there is a kitchen on site. You can buy fresh farm produce from the market and cook your own meals. Cooked food is also available in town but be careful.


The office of the hippopotamus sanctuary is located not very far from the town square. The office is where you book the tour to see the hippopotamus. After booking the tour there is then the 18 kilometre ride to a village called Talewona, this is the nearest village to the river (black volta) where the hippopotamus reside.

Activities available are

The River Safari

You tour the black volta river in a canoe where you get to see the hippopotamus in their natural surroundings. The hippopotamus swim during the day and hunt for food at night. The river also serves as a boundary between Ghana and Burkina Faso. These hippopotamus are wild and not confined therefore it is interesting to watch them in their natural habitat and observe the way they react to people.

Bird Watching

You can also see varieties of birds especially early in the morning. You can go along with binoculars for better viewing opportunities. There are cattle egrets, grey herons and kingfishers


There are designated spaces meant for camping as well as opportunity to visit the three main families who live close to the river. This offers you the opportunity to see the way of life of a traditional West African family in a village dwelling.


•Booking for the tour cost 10 cedis for non-nationals and 8 cedis for Ghanaian nationals and students. Students must present their ID cards (tour fee include the tour guide and life jacket for canoe ride)

•The river safari cost 8 cedis per hour

•The guest house accommodation cost 15 cedis for the night

NB: All the prices stated are 2014 prices and are subject to adjustments.


You can contact this tourist site at

or the following numbers




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I am a young teacher and travel blogger of Ghanaian descent who is very much committed to telling the story of Africa, i believe education goes a long way in helping people become independent thus eradicating poverty. I have a keen interest for travelling, knowledge sharing, entrepreneurship and the luxury goods market. When i'm not doing all this, you will usually find me reading a book, watching a tennis match or trying to learn a new language

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