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When I tell people about the amazing place where I had ape encounters, saw dolphins swimming in a cove, AND had an endless supply of hot cross buns; they always want to know where a place like that exists. Well, it was all in Gibraltar, the small peninsula off of Spain. However Gibraltar is not territory of Spain, it is territory of the UK! (Which explains the hot cross buns, lemon curd, and crumpets.)

There are so many different fascinating things about Gibraltar that make it so unique and amazing. Here are a few of the things that I found fascinating about Gibraltar.

1. It is the only place in the world where you can see two seas meet and another continent at the same time.

2. The rock of Gibraltar is one of the pillars to Hercules at the entrance to the Mediterranean. When you hike to the top of the rock, you can look into the coves below and sometimes see wild dolphins in the waves. There are many dolphin watching tours too!

3. There are cannons all over the peninsula as well as tunnels in the rock of Gibraltar. Because Gibraltar was important in World War II because of it's location.

4. There are wild Barbary Apes in Gibraltar! They are a big tourist attraction. People say as long as the Apes are in Gibraltar it will always remain territory of the UK.

5. Because Gibraltar is territory of the UK you can find British influence throughout Gibraltar such as accents, food, and LOTS of fish and chips.

6. Gibraltar has it's own currency, however they also accept British pounds. And in the UK they won't accept the British currency.

7. Other than flying into the airport, the only way into Gibraltar is either walking or driving across the airstrip! It closes occasionally whenever a plane takes off of lands, and teh rest of the time it is busy with traffic!

There is so much to do in Gibraltar even if it is small. I spent three months living in Gibraltar and it is so much fun. Make sure to visit it sometime and stay awhile! It is such an amazing place with lots to see.


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Traveling around the world. Living life to the fullest! Creating memories to last a lifetime.

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