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What to do in Gibraltar if you only had 8 Hours

So you only have 8 hours in Gibraltar… what do you do? Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located at the Southern tip of the Iberian Peninsular next to Spain and at the entrance to the Mediterranean. You are greeted with warm weather nearly all year round and is home to approximately 30,000 Gibraltarians with a diverse array of religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Gibraltar from the distance

As soon as you land in Gibraltar or are making your way to the border you will see the 426 metre landscape of the Rock of Gibraltar. This iconic view is breath-taking and on a good clear day, you will be able to see the African shoreline in the background.

Only having 8 hours in Gibraltar, this would be my recommended itinerary for any traveller coming here:

10:00 hrs – Rock Tour + WWII Tunnels

Arrive in Gibraltar and head to the centre of town. Here you will find the Gibraltar Tourist Board office located in Casemates Square. They are full of knowledge of the city and you are free to take away several pamphlets and brochures of the town.

Ask them to contact a local operator and book you in to an Original Rock Tour with the WWII Tunnels.

The most popular Rock Tour in Gibraltar involves taking a bus trip around the outskirts of the city and making your way to Europa Point where you will be able to witness Morocco in the distance and the 180 degree panoramic views of the entrance of the Mediterranean, Spain and the Bay of Gibraltar.

Your tour then takes you to St Michaels Cave, this network of limestone caves is located in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The cave has been newly refurbished and is wonderfully lit, together with visitors being able to read displays documenting the caves history makes this one of Gibraltar's top attractions, bringing in more than 1,000,000 a year.

You continue on to the Apes Den, where you will be able to visit them in their natural habitat before being dropped off at the WWII Tunnels for a 30 minute tour on how Gibraltar in 1939, constructed this labyrinth of tunnels and experience the way of life for these soldiers throughout the war.

Throughout the tour, you will have the history of Gibraltar explained to you by the guide and finally you can be dropped off in the centre of town.

13:00 hrs – Free time and shopping

You can then eat lunch in one of the many exquisite restaurants in Casemates Square. You have a range of cuisines for all tastes in the centre at varying price ranges for all budgets.

Normally, guests then like to meander the streets at their own leisure to take in the wonderful Gibraltarian culture and its people. Gibraltar is also a VAT free jurisdiction and so goods sold in Gibraltar will be of good value and the currency is the Pound.

16:00 hrs – Visit the Gibraltar Museum

The Gibraltar museum is located right in the centre of town, perfect for you to walk to right after your lunch and stroll around town. The Gibraltar Museum was opened on the 23rd July 1930 and is home to a vast arrange of displays ranging from the Neanderthal Man to Moorish Baths all of which is appreciated as you walk through this house of History.

17:00 hrs – Enjoy afternoon tea at the locals favourite Sacarello's Coffee House

After your day in Gibraltar, visit Sacarello's Coffee House for an afternoon tea with scones or delicious cakes and desserts ranging from the mouth watering victoria sponge cake to the death by chocolate cake. Everything fit to reenergise you before your return trip home.

This then takes us to 18:00 hrs and time to end your 8 hour daytrip to Gibraltar. There are hundreds of other attractions, restaurants and activities to do here in Gibraltar and would definitely recommend a 2 or 3 day weekend break to Gibraltar to give you the option of also taking a day trip to Spain or Morocco if you are travelling from afar. You would get to visit 3 countries and 2 continents whilst you are here and get the best from all cities.


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Shereen: Sales & Marketing orientated individual, always looking for different ways to promote travel and travel experiences. Travel Blogger. Photographer. Social Media Fanatic. Dylan: Enthusiastic travel blogger who enjoys experiencing the finer things in life as well researching into different cultures and sharing this with the world. Food blogger. Adventure traveller. Culturist.

2 thoughts on “What to do in Gibraltar if you only had 8 Hours

  1. Profile photo of Charles McKinneyCharles McKinney

    So if I understand correctly, Gibraltar is a city and country (city state) like Singapore and/or Hong Kong SAR? Is English the only lingua franca there? Or are there other languages spoken by the natives? Would love to venture there someday. Nice post!

  2. Profile photo of Shereen PizzarelloShereen Pizzarello Post author

    Hi Charles thanks for your comment. You are right Gibraltar is an overseas British territory with its own self government. Our official language is English, however we tend to speak Spanish as they are our neighbours! Make sure you visit Gib at least once.


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