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Ramada Plaza Thraki - Hotel Review - Accomodation in Alexandroupolis, Thrace - Kiss From The World

Ramada Plaza Thraki – Hotel Review

One of the most beautiful hotels in Greece is located in Alexandroupolis, Thrace. The hotel is the Ramada Plaza Thraki Hotel & Spa and was recently totally renovated! I visited it for the first time a month ago spending a wonderful relaxing weekend!

When someone decides to travel for a few days with a sole purpose to rest and relax from everyday hustle rhythms, he must choose very carefully the destination and the hotel to stay.

I chose to visit a beautiful area of Greece, Thrace, due to its natural beauties! I decided to stay in  Alexandroupolis, a very lively city. For my stay I chose to book the recently refurbished Ramada Plaza Thraki, a decision which turned out to be quite right!

Approaching the hotel, I was impressed by the large parking space surrounding it. I parked my car in comfort and I headed straight to the front desk to check in. The staff welcomed me with a cordial smile and in five minutes I was already in my room, which I really loved from the very first moment.

The first thing I noticed was that the room had a balcony overlooking the sea, but the pleasant surprises had just begun! The room was spotless clean as well as all the common hotel areas.

My room was large, full of daylight and the bed was large and comfortable.  Good quality mattress, is definitely one of the musts at the Ramada Plaza Thraki rooms. It was beautifully decorated with an ergonomic workspace (for our laptop or tablet) and a comfortable armchair for the hours we want to relax sipping a coffee or watching TV.

Ramada Plaza Thraki is famous for its great spa services. I was guided to its premises and I was really impressed. In addition to the large spa with its indoor swimming pools, the hotel also has a fully equipped gym, for those of us who want to be fit even on our holidays!

One of the most important things for those staying at Ramada Plaza Thraki is that it is built next to a beautiful beach! This is definitely one of the great plus of the hotel, since its guests can easily, within a minute, enjoy the Greek sea and sun and experience the famous Greek summer. And do not forget, in Greece the good weather lasts more than three months!

Special mention should be made to the excellent breakfast served at Ramada Plaza Thraki. A large buffet is at your disposal serving mainly local products of excellent quality.

A restaurant with excellent cuisine is also operating into Ramada Plaza Thraki, for those who want to stay in the hotel for lunch or dinner.  Right next to the restaurant is a stylish café bar for your coffee or drink!

As you can imagine, those two days and nights  at Ramada Plaza Thraki were pleasant but passed very quickly! I managed to escape from the rhythms of everyday life and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. That is, I think , the meaning of short or long holidays! To get rid of our everyday rhythms and problems, and feel like a new person! At Ramada Plaza Thraki I did it!

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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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