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A beautiful weekend at St.Nicholas-Halkidiki, Greece!

Autumn in Greece is summer sweet! The temperatures remain high, the sun is shining bright! The sea water is still warm and maybe that's why autumn is considered one of the best vacation periods if spent in Greece.

I took advantage of the great weather myself too and decided to spend a weekend in gorgeous Halkidiki, specifically at St. Nicholas. I chose the Assa Maris Bomo Hotel to stay, a place I had never been before. Its supreme location was what influenced my choice the most. (I had read on the hotel web site that it's built by the sea).

I was also informed that the hotel operates under the all-inclusive system. I caught myself eager to arrive, curious to see the hotel with my own eyes as well as the beach it is built on. Checking in was fast! In less than ten minutes I was walking through the beautiful gardens of the hotel full of palm trees to reach my room and unpack.

The room was spacious and sparkling clean with a gorgeous view towards the sea, an extra treat I truly enjoyed! Unpacked and settled in, I decided to explore my surroundings further. Assa Maris is expanding over beautiful, well-maintained lawn gardens full of flower beds and numerous palm trees. Exploring the exterior of the hotel to reach the pool area was a beautiful walk that lifted my spirits. The pool held another nice surprise for me. Right next to the main one, there's a smaller, secondary pool just for children!

The pool water was crystal clean with comfortable loungers all around and beach umbrellas. The pool is just 50 meters away from the beach yet ideal for those visitors who prefer or enjoy a late evening swim. The pool bar is next to the pool, ready to clench your thirst with all kinds of coffee, juices, refreshments or drinks!

The hotel restaurant is also located close by. I grew very fond of its cuisine during my short stay!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were always served with a variety of dishes – all of them very tasty!

I left the gorgeous beach as my last frontier to explore. It is a sight for sore eyes; sandy, long with crystal clean waters and super relaxing! Laid down under a beach umbrella I let myself relax listening to the soft rhythm of the beach waves. The sun sparkling on seawater, the soft monotonous song of the waves on the sandy beach, the unique clean and refreshing smell of sea air – I can't imagine of anything better to let go and get rid of all the city anxieties and stress.

Lying in a lounger under a beach umbrella, I got mesmerized by the rhythmical soothing sound of the waves, crashing softly on the beach. This is one of nature's best gifts to enjoy!

Later, after enjoying a magnificent sunset, I took a walk across that beautiful, long beach. All my anxieties and city stress were left behind with each single foot print on the wet sand.

My weekend at Assa Maris was one I will cherish! It was spent by the sea, enjoying the sun and great food; all I needed to return to the city with my batteries fully recharged, relaxed and with previous anxieties of everyday living lifted off my shoulders!

In a few words, my weekend at Assa Maris was a beautiful one by the sea! I enjoyed the sun, the beach and great food and got back to the city busy rhythms fully rejuvenated!

For more details see also Bomo Club Hotels!


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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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