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A cozy hotel: Paros Land Hotel & Bungalows, on the island of Paros!

Paros is a small island of the Cyclades complex in Greece! It is one of our most favorite destinations and we love visiting it on a regular base! Yet, till very recently, we had not found the ideal accommodation solution to cover all our needs! But out of pure chance, just few days ago, we were lucky enough to discover the Paros Land Hotel & Bungalows! The property was out of service for the past two years but now, after a complete renovation, is running under new management!

We arrived on the island early in the afternoon, by air from Athens. Our flight was a joy, as we had the chance to watch up close many small and large islands of the Aegean, due to the low flight of the 4 cylinder airplane.

On arrival, we decided to look for a hotel within walking distance from the airport, in order to check in early and get some rest. We were headed to the village of Aliki, located almost next to the airport of Paros! There is where we discovered the Paros Land Hotel & Bungalows!

Our first impression was of a large estate! Ten acres of land full of olive trees, surrounding the hotel and inspiring the feeling of absolute freedom! Once we entered the reception we were amazed to discover an actual olive tree growing inside the lobby. The people of the hotel welcomed us warmly and we checked in to our two bedroom spacious suite. We were also given the chance to inspect the other types of rooms. All of them were very clean and well decorated offering everything a traveler needs.

The complex offers an indoors or outdoors restaurant, an outdoor big pool equipped with a pool bar , a children’s playground, even a small chapel.

The very next morning, breakfast was a pleasant surprise! The chef's dishes were created by local products of Paros. All materials were chosen with great care, following the recipe secrets of the local Cycladic cuisine, presented in a colorful, tasteful arrangement!

Our favorite time of the day was in the afternoon, when we enjoyed our coffee by the pool, clearing our minds, leaving the stress behind and just gazing at the blue of the sky! In the secluded atmosphere of Paros, our batteries were recharged, the best possible way.

We stayed for three days in Paros Land Hotel & Bungalows and from now on, each time we visit the island we will always stay there! Not only because we found what we were looking for at very affordable prices but mostly because we felt welcomed and special, a feeling hard to forget! After all.. isn't this exactly what we're looking for once on a vacation?


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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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