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Rhodes island, Greece

Rhodes island, Greece

The also called island of the Knights, Rhodes, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Rhodes is well – known, for it’s marvellous beaches, like Glistra, Prassonissi, Tsampika and Faliraki. A visit to the medieval old city of Rhodes and to ancient city of Lindos is absolutely imperative.

Medieval City of Rhodes

Imagine yourself returning magically to the past, to a place with knights, battalions, flashing swords in the sun and the Grand Master closed in the Castle! The Medieval City of Rhodes, will travel you through towering buildings of various architecture, since many cultures have met and inhabited there… The cobbled streets will lead you to beautiful spots that will surprise you as you will meet side by side churches and mosques. In the Medieval city, the Grand Master’s spirit is dominant, along with the Order of the Knights of St. John. The visitor today, can take a short trip through time by just walking down the Knights Avenue, be transported magically in a different era, with charming culture and adventurous stories … A walk through the Medieval City of Rhodes, which in 1988 was recognized as a World Heritage City, is by itself a lifetime experience! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy it the soonest possible!


Lindos is not just a town but an important archaeological site on Rhodes too. You’ll find it at about 55 kilometers away from the capital. According to ancient tradition it was founded by Danaos . Its residents participated in the Trojan War according to Homer. On the Acropolis of Lindos the temple of Athena was built. Lindos in ancient times was not lacking of importance, commercial or naval power. Apart from the archaeological significance of the area, Lindos is currently one of the major attractions of Rhodes, not only for its great historical value, but also for its unparalleled natural beauty. Two large beaches with crystal waters, attract the eye of the visitor, while the area offers many options to stay and have fun!

Ialyssos, Rhodes

One of the most famous resorts in Rhodes island. It is quite famous and for good reason, as it offers a large, well organized beach. The area is full of life, with lots of hotels, cafes and taverns. Enjoyable holidays are guaranteed here for certain!

Kremasti, Rhodes

One of the major coastal settlements of the island with one of its most beautiful beaches. It is approximately 12 kilometers away from the capital. In the center of the village is the church of Panagia Kremastis. Another spot of interest you might wish to visit is the Medieval Castle of the region. The beach Kremastis is fully organized and one of the beautiful beaches of Rhodes. All short of hotel categories are also available in the area.

Ladiko , Rhodes

Among the famous beaches of Rhodes, Ladiko is located fifteen kilometers away from the capital . The beach stretches for almost 700 meters. On the beach you will find variety of sandy places , pebbles or rocks . In some places , the pine trees almost touch the sea , painting the beach with a unique color . The area is well organized for your holiday, offering several options for your stay besides restaurants and cafes . The area is ideal for those who love spear fishing, since the bottom of the beach consists of rocks with a plethora of fish.

Theologos, Rhodes

The village is located about 20 kilometers away from the island’s capital. It is a very beautiful touristic area, visited by a lot of people in the summer. You will be thrilled swimming in the crystal waters of the area beaches!


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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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