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Yes… There Is Wine Tasting In Santorini, Greece

My wine tasting adventure in Santorini, Greece was caused by conversation with a waitress at a restaurant in Oia and a recommendation scribbled on a napkin. As a result of that conversation, not only did I get a connection to rent an automatic transmission rental car for under 30€, but I also learned about a vineyard not far from Amoudi Bay that was family-owned. Naturally, I had to investigate the situation with my newly acquired rental car!

Domaine Sigalas is a family-owned vineyard that offers tours and wine tasting to tourists and locals alike. While it is a younger vineyard that opened in 1991, the quality of the wines available at Domaine Sigalas are surely noteworthy. Principally, Domaine Sigalas made his wine at his home, however, in 1998, Sigalas acquired a privately owned property in Oia, which is where the wine production and tasting exists today.

Guests visiting Domaine Sigalas have the option to take a tour of the vineyards and learn about the wine production process and/or sit for a peaceful afternoon on the terrace as they sample the wines. What particularly impressed me about Domaine Sigalas was the quantity of tasting that they offered their visitors. I had never known that there was a wine industry in Santorini due to the varied climates that the island possesses, however, Santorini boasts superior white wines along with some impressive reds and dessert wines that I had to purchase for my friends back home!

To the wine connoiseur or cultured traveler who wants to see another dimension to the gorgeous island of Santorini, I highly recommend taking a break in your sightseeing to wine taste at Domaine Sigalas. You will not be disappointed and the vineyard is a natural stop on the way to see the world famous sunset in Oia.


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Hello Readers! For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Jacquelyn Vadnais and it is a pleasure to meet you! Per the request of many friends, I am finally taking their advice and blogging about my international experiences. To give a background of myself, I just recently finished a JD/MBA from Suffolk University in Boston and have decided to pack my bags and emigrate to Latin America immediately!Many people have asked me why on earth I decided to move to Latin America after finishing such a prestigious program, however, once you get to know me you will see that I am truly world traveler at heart who gets such joy from experiencing fantastic cultures around the world. This is the reason that I have traveled to 50 countries (and counting!) in my life and have lived in 10 (and also counting!)I plan on giving my readers a first-hand guide on how to travel beyond the guidebook and truly experience where you are visiting and/or living for a time through the lens of a local. Based on my experiences with international culture, world heritage sites, delicious global cuisine, and diverse wines, I plan on sharing with you a piece of my unique adventures. These adventures have truly provided me with an invaluable world class education that is arguably equally as essential as the education that I received in the classroom.

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