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A stroll along the sea promenade of the city of Thessaloniki!

Each city has its own heart… in Thessaloniki that heart lies by the sea and the beautiful 5 kilometers promenade that all locals and visitors can enjoy to walk along, bike or just enjoy the sea air and sunshine in one of the endless parks all along!

This is where you will find some of the most famous sites in the city.. it’s landmark, the White Tower, the Aristotelous Square, the Music Hall and the Harbor of the city!

This Harbor is well known since ancient times and has played a significant role to the commercial history of the entire area, equally important up to this very date.

Aristotelous Square

It is the most beautiful and romantic square of the city, with a cosmopolitan and European air, busy and noisy full of coffee shops and restaurants as well as various stores.. but surrounded by romantic arches that support the classic buildings forming the square, which has a unique open view towards the sea in one side and an up-hill open view of parks on the other side across the entire downtown of Thessaloniki!

This is a place where the heartbeat of the city is heard pretty strong!

The White Tower

The landmark of the city of Thessaloniki, one of the most famous sites and most beloved meeting points among locals and visitors for a stroll by the sea. It is definitely the most photographed site in the entire city!

The Music Hall

The Music Hall of Thessaloniki was inaugurated in 2000. It was built on an 18 square kilometers piece of land by the sea, a marvel of modern architecture. Each year the Music Hall hosts a plethora of cultural and musical events.

Walking on the long sea promenade of the city of Thessaloniki, the eye gets lost in the horizon far away in the gulf waters. You get the feeling of floating among the sky and the sea, the view is liberating and refreshing and on a sunny day, it’s the perfect place to spend time with your family or friends taking a long walk, biking or enjoying a cup of coffee. You shouldn’t miss visiting this incredible sea promenade and the unique walk it offers if you happen to be in city. You definitely won’t regret it!


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Maria Athanssopoulos was born in the city of Tripoli, Greece, 1968. She has worked as a lawyer for almost 20 years. She writes interesting articles and takes photographs from the places she visits, since 2009. She run her own travel related web pages. She likes exploring new places and new cultures. She loves writing about her travel experiences. She also loves the art of photography. She has travelled almost all over Europe, but also in Turkey. Her plans for the future are to visit a lot more countries. Stay tuned!

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