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Finding monuments around every corner

Thessaloniki is a beautiful city with a unique mixture of Ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments scattered around the town. You don’t need a map. Just stroll around the city and around every corner you will find a piece of history. Sometimes it even looks a bit ridiculous, an old church overlooked by an apartment block or a bag of garbage in ancient ruins. Even when I was looking for something specific the map didn't help me because finding anything in the mingle of narrow streets and turns was almost impossible.

I started by going to the White Tower, the symbol of the city, to get a view of the whole city from the top of the Tower. Wandering around the city centre is very convenient and most of the monuments can be found in walking distance. I also took a sightseeing bus, so-called cultural line no. 50 to explore more remote parts of Thessaloniki. What I liked the best was the seafront promenade, full of sun, sea air, people, noise… just life. Sitting in a seafront café, drinking frappé and doing nothing is one of the must-dos in Thessaloniki.

Where to stay

Pella Hotel, 63 Ionos Dragoumi St., 54630 Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city of an infinite number of streets and it was quite hard to find the hotel. It is situated in Ionos Dragoumi Street, which is very close to the city centre. If you continue along the street you even reach seafront promenade. Once you know this, it is much easier to orientate yourself. The service at the hotel was very friendly. The room was a bit dark and musty but clean. There was a TV, and wifi that didn’t really work in my room.

Where to go for a cup of coffee

I went for a cup of capuccino to MIKEL 20 that belongs to the popular coffee chain MIKEL. It was very close to my hotel, had good wifi and I liked the coffee. No more, no less. I also had a proper Greek frappé in one of the bars at the seafront promenade. There is basically one bar next to another but still there were so many people that I had a hard time finding a table. I found one at Sherlock Speak Easy Bar and I loved the view, sitting in the sun and drinking delicious frappé.

Where to eat

I had lunch in Zithos in Ntore Restaurant just next to the White Tower. It was sunny and warm and I was very happy that I can sit outside and eat linguine with fresh tomato sauce for 6 € with an amazing view. Very central, good price and nice food, I totally recommend!


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I’m Patrícia, a 20-something from Slovakia. I have always been fascinated by the world and I decided to study evolutionary biology. During my studies I was living in Brno (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain) and now I'm in Stockholm (Sweden). I’m studying ancient DNA from fossils of woolly mammoth. I love my work and I don’t plan to become a full-time traveller. I am pretty happy that my job allows me to travel to different parts of the world for conferences, courses and field work. I try to use every chance to visit a new place and I always bring my camera. I hope to be an inspiration how it's possible to have a 9-17 job and in the meantime travel the world.

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